1. Taking Things Less Seriously  

    Life is a pretty serious business.  Birth, death, love, children, work, health—none of these things are without depth or meaning.  Life is risky and sometimes the cards aren’t dealt in our favor.  Change and loss are real and nothing to laugh about.  But some people manage to deal with even …Read More

  2. Role Models and Mentors

    We all experience a mixture of positive and negative influences from the people in our lives.  Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and others in our family serve as our first role models for what it means to be an adult human being.  Siblings, cousins and childhood friends give us our initial se…Read More

  3. Staying Curious

    As children, we are all curious.  Everything around us is new, fresh, unknown and intriguing.  Ladybugs, the alley behind the house, and property fences promise unknown adventures on the far side.  Even the world inside the house sparks curiosity, especially for the very young.  What’s inside …Read More

  4. Compromise and Authenticity

    Life is filled with contradictions and quandaries.  Two of the primary values in contemporary culture are compromise and authenticity, but these two values sometimes come into conflict with one another.  For many decades, compromise was the more highly valued in the culture.  In the business worl…Read More

  5. Celebrating and Nurturing our Self-Esteems

    One of the most universal issues I see people struggle with is self-esteem. The core of self-esteem is how we feel about our own worthiness, value, and lovability as a person.  Many, many women, perhaps most women, struggle with occasional, frequent or continuous feelings of not being good enough, …Read More

  6. Security

    Life is filled with insecurity. The nature of life is change, unpredictability, and uncertainty. The fact that we don’t have a predetermined script for our lives is both exciting and anxiety-provoking. For those of us who are risk-averse or challenge averse, the unpredictability of life may genera…Read More

  7. Loneliness and Isolation

    One of the most frequent issues I hear older women discuss is increasing loneliness and tendencies toward isolation as they become older.  There are a variety of reasons this can happen. The reasons are often situational, but they can also originate from our personality traits and personal choices.…Read More

  8. Staying Young at Heart

    As we age, most of us tend to idealize youth. We envy the physical vitality of youth, the open-ended sense of future and the positive anticipation of new adventures. However, when the conversation deepens, many of us privately express that we are glad that we are no longer in our tumultuous twenties…Read More

  9. Reconnecting after Loss

    Life is always throwing us curve balls, usually in the form of some sort of loss. When we lose a friend, a lover or a spouse, our world of emotional and social connectedness is thrown into disorder.  Even a loss that would seem less central to our lives, such as a co-worker dying suddenly in a car …Read More

  10. Working with Limitations

    One fact of aging is that if we live long enough, we will begin experiencing a decrease in physical strength and stamina, develop health conditions, and experience decreased memory and cognitive acuity over time.  For some of us, the changes are sudden and dramatic, for others, the changes are grad…Read More