1. Birthdays

    Food for Thought   Birthdays. Whether we acknowledge them, celebrate them, or ignore them, they happen anyway.  However, not all birthdays are created equal.  There are those we do not remember at all—ages 1, 2, and 3, where all we have to remember them by are pictures of icing or ice-cream…Read More

  2. The 2020 Election

    Food for Thought Today is Election Day.  It is the day voters formally cast their ballots for the office of President of the United States, the person that will govern the country for the next 4 years.  There is an enormous amount at stake; and we are going to the polls as a country that has never…Read More

  3. Our COVID-19 Boundaries

    Food for Thought Everything we do or once did has been affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Things we took for granted—whether a quick stop at the grocery store, having friends over for coffee, meeting with our book group, traveling to see family, or having large celebration gatherings—none of …Read More

  4. Wanderlust in the Time of COVID-19

    Food for Thought Wanderlust in the Time of COVID-19 How many of us feel isolated and trapped because of this pandemic? Everyone I have spoken with in the past several months has expressed feeling shut-in, shut-out, and displaced by the necessity of avoiding social contact and the immense disruption …Read More

  5. Pioneer Women

    Food for Thought We are pioneer women. All of us. A pioneer is a woman who is one of the first people to be involved in developing something, whether an area of scientific research, settling new lands, developing a new form of art, or crafting a new way of living. Pioneering can also involve tacklin…Read More

  6. The Sound of Music

    Food for Thought Many of us are old enough to remember the magnificent cinematic debut of the epic musical drama based on the story of the von Trapp family. While the film deviated in several ways from the true story of Georg and Maria von Trapp, the film was nonetheless inspired by real people and …Read More

  7. COVID-19 and Our Changing Relationships

    Food for Thought COVID-19 has turned our world upside down in countless ways, not the least of which is our social world. In the pre-COVID era, we had relationships with family and friends characterized by time spent in person, hugs, and handshakes, cuddling with our grandkids, and sharing time at o…Read More

  8. Self-Pity and Self-Compassion

    Food for Thought Self-Pity and Self-Compassion Self-pity is a phrase that evokes shame in most women. We are never supposed to feel sorry for ourselves, regardless of how difficult or sad, our situation may be. Self-pity connotes a failure of character, the judgment that somehow, we should be able t…Read More

  9. Listening to Our Inner Voice

    Food for Thought Listening to Our Inner Voice The idea that we have an “inner voice” worth listening to has taken many forms over the centuries. Some think our inner voice opens our ears to the messages offered to us by God, others experience their inner voice as a form of intuition, and yet oth…Read More

  10. Women and Food

    Food for Thought Women and Food What woman doesn’t love food? Maybe there are a few out there but I do not know them. Our specific tastes vary widely, though chocolate seems to be a common denominator for most of us. So why is it that women are so connected to food? I do not think there is a simpl…Read More