1. Moving through Loss  

    Loss is a consistent, cyclic, and inevitable part of life.  While there are many sources of joy in life, even these sources of joy become losses as things change, diminish or pass away. Our youth, important relationships, well-loved traditions and people we love dearly may enter and exit our lives…Read More

  2. Learning from our Mistakes

    There is no such thing as a mistake-free human life.  All of us make mistakes. Whether in the realm of parenting, work, relationships, or other life arenas our decisions will not always serve us in positive ways.  The dictionary defines a mistake as “an action that is misguided or wrong” and w…Read More

  3. Learning to Nurture Ourselves

    For us as women, nurturing others is a way of life.  We are told that we are naturally more nurturing than men—and it certainly looks that way to most observers.  Perhaps there is some truth to the notion that there is a biological or genetic imperative to nurture that is part of women’s essen…Read More

  4. Making Decisions that Matter

    We make decisions constantly, ranging from trivial moment-to-moment decisions to momentous, life-altering decisions.  Sometimes we have adequate information to make decisions that we feel comfortable with, but more often we must make decisions without having enough information or enough time to rea…Read More

  5. How Important is It?

    A large proportion of the stressful feelings we experience originate with our thoughts, which are rooted in our perceptions of ourselves and the world.  If we perceive the world as a dangerous place, we may have fearful thoughts about traveling or being around a large group of people and we either …Read More

  6. Accepting People as They Are

    We all know from personal experience how challenging it is to accept people as they are.  Whether it is a troublesome boss, an irritating family member, or someone you love a great deal who has annoying habits that you must deal with daily, we are frequently challenged by the desire to change other…Read More

  7. Making Decisions

    Decisions, decisions!  Life is one decision after another. Apart from breathing, making decisions is probably one of the most frequent things we do on a daily basis.  Some decisions are small and trivial. Do I walk the dog in the morning or in the afternoon?  What do I make for dinner?  Do I ret…Read More

  8. Boundaries as Self-Worth

    Boundaries are one of the most important and elusive concepts we struggle to understand as we learn how to take care of ourselves.  Many women were raised in families where they were taught that having boundaries was inconsiderate to others.  To put one’s own needs ahead of others was considered…Read More

  9. Having an Open Mind

    Having an open mind has never been more important. In these days of rapid cultural change, political divisiveness and world tensions, having an open mind and an open heart are critical for navigating the waters of uncertainty, fear, and misinformation. Almost everyone likes to believe that they are …Read More

  10. The Value of Psychotherapy

    Psychotherapy is one of the most valuable tools we can use to ease personal suffering, address long-standing problems and pursue psychological and emotional healing. Few of us go through life without encountering difficulties that are bigger than our ability to overcome them without assistance. Hist…Read More