1. Trauma Therapy with EMDR

    Here, at Inner Source Psychotherapy, one of Dr. Beth Firestein’s individual trauma treatment options is Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). Although EMDR has been used to treat post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) — along with a host of other conditions — since the 1980s, li…Read More

  2. Is It Winter Blues or Seasonal Affective Disorder?

    We can all get a little sad at the end of summer. Fall comes, the days get shorter. We’re often leaving the house in the morning before the sun is up, and coming home after it is already dark. For some, the blues will pass as the season progresses. For some, they won’t. As a matter of fact, they…Read More

  3. Grief Therapy: When and How to Grieve

    There is no answer to when and how to grieve. And, there is no black and white answer to whether or not you need grief therapy. If you are struggling with a loss and think that you may need help coping or living a healthy productive life after your loss, you may want to consider counselling. We can …Read More

  4. Navigating Life’s Transitions

    We face decisions every day, but transitions are different. They represent milestones during our life where we are leaving the past behind, entering a new phase of life, and possibly a whole new way of living. These times can be stressful and aggravate any existing mental health issues. Call to make…Read More

  5. Relationship Conflict Resolution: Part 3 Childraising

    In the first two installments of this series we took a look at resolving couples conflict related to money and household chores. We’re tackling another big topic today, children. These are tips for helping you get through conflicts in the moment, but if you and your partner are experiencing confli…Read More

  6. Relationship Conflict Resolution: Part 2 – Chores

    It may be tough to admit that arguing over housework is an area of conflict in your marriage. You aren’t alone so don’t feel bad if you’re struggling with this. Living with another person is difficult under the best circumstances. We bring expectations about household chores—from how and how…Read More

  7. Relationship Conflict Resolution: Part 1 – Money

    Conflict over numerous issues manifests in different ways in different relationships. And it is something that I help my marriage and family therapy patients deal with frequently. One of the reasons that conflict resolution is a difficult issue for many couples to address is that they mistakenly bel…Read More

  8. Life Changes: Depression and Caring for an Elderly Parent

    Counseling for caregiver depression Our population here in Loveland is aging. Currently, the number of residents 65 years of age and older is 15 percent. That number is only going to grow. And with one in five seniors expected to suffer from dementia or alzheimer's at some point in their life, more …Read More

  9. Arm Yourself Against the Winter Blues

    A month or two ago, we discussed Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). This condition results from shorter days and colder temperatures, just to name a few reasons. Now that we've hit January, many people will feel SAD very sharply. The holidays are done, but they still need to be paid off. It's cold o…Read More

  10. Stressed About the Holidays?

    When December rolls around, some people feel excited by the prospect of the holidays. However, some people dread them. Even if you absolutely adore the holidays, they can be stressful. The change in routine, diet, and sleep can truly wreak havoc on anyone. Add in relatives or loneliness because of a…Read More