1. Accepting Our Aging Selves  

    When we are little, most of us look forward to getting older. Infants are told to be proud that they are becoming toddlers. Toddlers are given messages by parents about how exciting it is to be school age and being school age brings its own rewards like friendships, a sense of mastery, and the devel…Read More

  2. Simplifying our Lives  

    Life is not simple but it need not be as complicated as we usually make it.  Often, life is simultaneously both simple and complex. For example, the needs of the newborn infant are simple—to be held, loved, changed, fed and to sleep and to be given a safe place to do all of these things.  At the…Read More

  3. Taking Back our Power

    Each of us has the potential to influence and control at least some aspects of our lives, though much of what happens in life we certainly don’t control.  However, as women, many of us have lived lives of relative disempowerment. So, what is empowerment? Empowerment is the idea that each of us ha…Read More

  4. Holiday Heaven or Holiday Hell?

    Some people have families whose members love and value one another almost unconditionally. Family members may have disagreements from time to time and generations may not always understand each other, but the relationships are fundamentally sound and healthy.  Estrangements don’t last for years o…Read More

  5. What are your New Year Intentions?

    Many people create New Year resolutions and these can be about many different life areas.  Most common are resolutions having to do with fitness, losing weight, completing unfinished projects or just being a better human being.  For years, I wrote down my resolutions and even managed to achieve so…Read More

  6. Building Relationships across Difference

    Although most of us live inside one kind of bubble or another, inevitably we find ourselves connected with people who are different from ourselves.  Whether the people relate to are family, social acquaintances, coworkers, or people we encounter in incidental ways, we are likely to meet people who …Read More

  7. Healthy Relationships

    We hear a lot about healthy relationships. It seems like a cultural buzz phrase that peppers our conversations about relationships.  There are words and phrases we associate with healthy relationships:  honesty, courtesy, communication, give-and-take, empathy and others but these short-hand descri…Read More

  8. Women, Aging and Finances

    Women in mid-life and beyond cannot help but be concerned with their financial well-being as they become older.  Considerations differ for women who are single, married, divorced, widowed, disabled or in non-marital partnerships.  Prospects also differ substantially for women of various ages due t…Read More

  9. Developing a Sense of Self

    Many of the women who come into my office talk about not really knowing “who I am”. A lot of these women have spent many years in various roles, such as students, daughters, mothers, wives, athletes or employees and have no sense of themselves apart from these roles.  In many ways, we are encou…Read More

  10. Leaving the Past Behind  

    Many women find themselves struggling with what to do with their past experiences. All of us sometimes feel haunted by our past.  The most common experiences we have trouble letting go of are usually regrets, experiences of rejection, disappointments, traumatic events and tragic losses.  Virtually…Read More