A month or two ago, we discussed Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). This condition results from shorter days and colder temperatures, just to name a few reasons. Now that we’ve hit January, many people will feel SAD very sharply. The holidays are done, but they still need to be paid off. It’s cold outside. It gets dark at 4:30pm. It can be a very rough time of year, and the perfect time to lean on a professional for support.

In between counseling sessions, there are things you can do in your own home to make winter more bearable. Read on for some great ideas!

Let light into your environment

Our bodies start to crave daylight in the winter, and this deficit can make us feel very low. Open your blinds and sit closer to windows to get that much-needed daylight. If it’s stubbornly cloudy, consider investing in a light box, which is an artificial light source that can help you as much as an antidepressant.

Turn up the cheery music

Studies have shown that upbeat music can have a profound impact on mood. Even if you feel like wallowing in sad music, choose a happier playlist and feel your mood go up. It will be worth it.

Get some exercise

You’ve probably heard that exercise is beneficial. You may even depend on exercise to elevate your mood. The problem is, exercising can be a challenge in winter. It’s cold outside, and indoor options can seem limited. Do what it takes to access a facility where you can walk or run for at least half an hour under bright lights. It will lift your spirits and help you reach springtime in better emotional and physical shape.

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