You should be concerned. While there is such a thing as legal Multi-Level Marketing businesses (MLMs), the vast majority are legally questionable pyramid or Ponzi type schemes.  Originally, such businesses came into being to distribute goods and products in rural or remote areas where distribution of such products was practically non-existent. The emphasis was on selling quality products at fair prices to people who would not ordinarily be able to buy them. With the advent of mass distribution centers for products and the internet, the emphasis of most MLMs has changed from product quality to recruitment of distributors, most of whom lose money on their sales efforts.  (you might look at the website ).

Psychologically, MLMs are most commonly marketed to those who are desperate or economically strained. It is natural for your husband to be tempted by opportunities to make lots of money by selling a worthwhile product to others. Unfortunately, people like your husband can ill-afford to make the initial investment in products usually required to get the business started and most of the individuals recruited don’t end up making the money promised in the recruiting seminars. Business opportunities of this type can also strain relationships because new distributors are encouraged to market the opportunity to distribute to friends and family, since this is the only real way to make significant money in the business.

Naturally the other problem with this type of business opportunity is the lack of a base salary, health insurance or retirement benefits as well as the taxes owed on goods sold. These are significant disadvantages to a family struggling to survive economically. Without a doubt these are tough times and jobs are hard to find. Just keep in mind that there are no real “get rich quick” schemes and encourage your husband to do his research and be very, very careful if he continues to actively consider these opportunities. You can offer your husband emotional support in his job search, but you both need to keep the real needs of your family in mind as you explore employment opportunities.