Fortunately, you are not running out of time. In terms of life stages you are actually right about on target for when young professionals start to feel ready to take on new challenges and new positions to earn more money and realize important life goals. We live in a time when career counseling and career development information are both rather plentiful and readily available.  You might start by doing an internet search for the terms career assessment, career testing, or career development and also try those terms combined with the cities nearby. There are a lot of sites devoted to career development. Some of these sites are simply veiled advertisements but others are very useful.

There are also several local and regional resources.  Many Loveland and Ft. Collins counselors also provide career counseling as a part of their general counseling practice. The Larimer County Workforce Center is another very good resource for job-seekers and area employers. If further education is a needed component of your career development plan, CSU, Aims Community College and Front Range Community college have counselors who can help you chart an education plan to achieve your goals and some offer specific career counseling services as well. The cost for services range greatly. Some are free and others have fees. Most career assessment and counseling are short-term—just a few sessions. We are lucky to live in an area where so many resources are available.