We all face big transitions in our life at some point or another. Those changes might include marriage, divorce, career change, adding a new child to your family, or the death of someone close to us. While these changes are a part of life, that doesn’t mean you have to face them alone. There is compassionate, experienced Loveland counseling available to help you navigate those transitions successfully. Any of these situations could cause someone anxiety, depression, or uncertainty about their place in life. Dr. Beth Firestein can help you find your footing again and get through these changes, finding the source of your inner strength and help you meet the goals you have for yourself when facing these changes.

If you are facing a big life change and are seeking help from a qualified counselor, visit our website today to learn more about the available counseling services from Dr. Beth Firestein. Dr. Beth can provide individual, family, couple, and group Loveland counseling services and tailor the therapy to best suit your needs and get you through these transition periods. Call Dr. Beth’s office today to schedule your appointment and ask about insurance coverage. We do accept Medicare, too, and will help with the billing process. Don’t put off getting help with the big changes happening in your life–Dr. Beth is here to help. Let’s get started today!