Dr. Beth, I am a 27 year old man and I have been completely independent from my family since finishing college when I was 22.  My family and I live in the same town and get together for family events on a somewhat regular basis, but other than that our lives really don’t overlap a whole lot. My question is about my relationship with my father. It is a very strained relationship and has been since my middle teen years. I thought it would get better when I became an independent adult and in some ways it has, but it is still a very poor relationship.  He is quite critical of me, my lifestyle, my decisions, my clothing, my work—pretty much everything about me.  I have tried blowing his comments off, confronting him, and everything in-between but nothing works. I don’t want to quit seeing my Mom and sisters that still live at home, but I am so sick of dealing with my Dad that I am starting to avoid my family. Any ideas about what else I can do?