Dr. Beth,   I am a 76 year old woman who feels “76 years young”. After my husband passed away 5 years ago, I moved across the country to be near my adult daughter and son-in-law and their young children. Since moving to Colorado, my daughter and son-in-law have become more and more controlling of my life and decisions. I have no major health problems and no cognitive deficits.  I have friends and I volunteer in 2 community programs for children and teens. I am perfectly capable of handling my own life.  But my daughter and son-in-law consistently belittle me, tell me I am incapable of doing things without their help and tell me that I need to move in with them because I can’t live on my own.  In addition, my son-in-law frequently goes into rages and yells at me for not accepting their help. The situation is making me depressed and causing me to doubt myself in ways I have never doubted myself before.  What do I do?