It sounds like you suspect that you may have a problem with gambling that is starting to lead to overspending. Playing cards and gambling occasionally does not mean you have an addiction, but when the activity starts to impact your family’s money situation or attracts the concern of your spouse it is time to sit up and pay attention.  Even though you became defensive when confronted by your husband, it sounds like you have quietly started to ask yourself some hard and honest questions and that you are actively searching for answers.

I don’t know for certain whether you have an addiction to gambling, but it does sound like you are developing a problem that may lead to more problems and this may indicate that in fact you do have addictive tendencies.  It might be helpful to look and see whether there are other life areas in which you feel you have lost control or are losing control of your behavior.  Addictive patterns are seldom confined to only one area of life.  Look at other activities such as drinking or shopping. You may find evidence of addiction in these other areas and these can be related to each other. For example, sometimes problems with drinking can make gambling tendencies get even more out of control.

If you have determined that cards and gambling are becoming a problem, you have a couple of different choices.  One is to see if you can go for a substantial period of time without gambling at all. If you find that you aren’t able to follow through on your intention, you probably have a problem that you are not going to be able to solve alone. If you find that you are able to play or not to play for substantial periods of time (for example, a couple of months) according to your own decision to play or not, you might consider enjoying the activity and excitement of cards, but choose situations where money is not at stake. Rather, consider restructuring the activity so that you are playing for points or pennies or other minor prizes that don’t impact the finances of your family.  Then you are free to enjoy your hobby without worry or guilt.