First of all, welcome to the area! Moving is a big deal even when you have family in the area. Often our adult children are busy with their own lives and it can be hard to get as much quality time with them as you might like. When moving to a new area, we often have a variety of needs.

One need is to become familiar with the area and find the basic resources you need: the nearest grocery store, the post office, a physician, a dentist, a place to exercise and take classes–even finding someone you trust to do your hair can be a challenge. Your family members can certainly help you identify some of these resources, but you may have preferences that are different from theirs and that is perfectly fine.

Another aspect of relocating to be near family is working out how much time you might expect to spend with you adult children and grandchildren and what kind of time you might share with each other. Will you get together primarily on birthdays and holidays? Have dinner weekly (or every other week or once a month)and do a variety of recreational things with one another? Will you spend dedicated individual time with your grandchildren or perhaps take vacations together from time to time?

Often different generations have very different needs and ideas about these matters and it is important to establish open communication about these things as soon as it seems reasonable to do so following your move. This allows you to reach mutually agreeable understandings that prevent disappointment and resentments from building up on either side of the relationship.

In addition to connections with family, you might like having the company of other older adults who are facing similar challenges and have similar interests. Fortunately, there are several good options for finding those connections in this area. The City of Loveland operates the Chilson Senior Center, which offer a wide variety of activities and opportunities for socialization. Call (970) 962-2783 for information and a listing of services. Of course, there are numerous other community resources, not limited to seniors, that may wish to explore: open space parks, music events, hike and bike trails, coffee shops and the art museum and galleries, just to name a few.

Finally, you may also wish to find support and/or social groups that allow you to get to know other older adults in the area who may be potential friends. I have recently started such a group in Loveland. If this type of support group might be of interest to you, please email me or call me using the contact information listed at the end of this article. Other groups of this type may also be available through the Chilson Center and other community agencies.