Great question.  There is nothing wrong with New Year’s resolutions, but they do seem trite, stale and ineffectual to many people.  Looking at New Year’s resolutions a little more closely, they are usually either fairly general statements, “I’m going to lose weight in the coming year” or very specific goals “I am going to travel to Italy this year with my husband and children.”

While both general and specific resolutions are good ways to declare your commitment to a fresh start, we often find at the end of the year that we have fallen short of meeting many of our resolutions.

There are a number of ways to take advantage of the fresh start the new year provides and resolutions are only one way to approach this.  The essence of most resolutions are the intention to create a life filled with greater health, more fulfilling relationships, and the achievement of important personal goals.  The commonality underlying almost all resolutions is the idea of intention.  Resolutions are intentions made tangible in the form of specific (or general) goals for this new chapter of our lives we call the New Year.

One way to approach your fresh start is to think about your intentions and your vision—what it is that you wish to bring from idea or longing into manifestation. Identifying your intentions encompasses both the general and the specific.  For example, you may have the intention of living a healthier life in your body or behaving with more integrity or greater kindness in your relationships.  Try to translate these intentions into goals and activities and then establish various ways that you can grow or learn which allow you to real-ize your intentions—to make them real.

You can also treat January 1st on the calendar with a nod of the head and simply keep moving in directions you may have already established or have been pursuing for some time now.  You don’t necessarily need new goals, perhaps just a few “course corrections” and a reevaluation of your existing goals and activities to make sure that you are still moving in the desired direction.

In whatever way you choose to approach the new year, it can be a time of renewed energy and excitement about life if you decide to give it this meaning and significance.  Identify and act in accord with your deepest longings and truest intentions and you can’t go very far off course.  Best wishes for a wonderful New Year in 2016!