1. Resentment and Forgiveness

    The lens through which we perceive the world always contains an element of subjectivity.  That is, we are never entirely free of perceiving the world through our own unique filter, a filter consisting of our personality tendencies, our personal history, and our belief systems. For example, one woma…Read More

  2. Overcoming Fear

    Joy, fear, and anger are three of the most basic human emotions. You can see all of these emotions in infants, young children, and certainly in us as adults as well. Of course, there are dozens of variations on emotion. Many of them originate out of these basic three. For example, anger in its extre…Read More

  3. Finding Love after 50, 60, 70 and Beyond

    A big part of our younger lives is centered around love.  We long to have someone special to love and to be loved in a unique, cherishing and special way.  The allure of romance permeates our cultural imagination, whether situated within our real, personal relationships or fantasized about in the …Read More

  4. Seeing Ourselves in the Young

    “His eyes are the same brown as mine.  When I look into his big brown eyes, it’s like looking into my own eyes…but not.  They are my eyes, but not mine.  They look so much like mine, but when I look into them, I see an entirely different world.  I see a world that belongs to an innocent ch…Read More

  5. Your Bucket List

    The idea of the bucket list was popularized in the 2007 film of the same name.  The "bucket list" refers to things we want to do before we "kick the bucket"--positive, life-enhancing things. The film features Morgan Freeman (Carter)and Jack Nicholson (Edward) as two older men who have nothing in co…Read More

  6. Our Personal Style of Living

      As I talk to many different women, I notice that different women have different styles of living. These styles define us both during the working/parenting years and after we have retired and our children have left the nest.  Over the years we have heard a lot about some people having Type A …Read More

  7. Caregiving and Receiving Care

    One of the most frequent topics that come up for my clients is the issue of caregiving. This is a role that may fall to any member of the family but usually seems to fall into our laps.  A large number of older women end up providing direct care for loved ones, usually parents and spouses, who deve…Read More

  8. Pride and Humility

    Pride and humility are two of the strongest and most misunderstood feelings and attitudes we experience in the course of our human existence.  Pride is usually discussed in one of two completely opposite contexts.  On the positive side, we may take pride in our work, in our parenting or in our ach…Read More

  9. Grandparenting

    One of the issues I hear my clients talk about most frequently is the issue of grandparenting.  It may seem surprising that being a grandparent can be fraught with distress and disappointment for so many people, but these are common presenting problems among my older clients.  If we look only at m…Read More

  10. Living in the Now

      “Live in the now” is one of the most frequent pieces of spiritual advice we hear in our culture these days.  The concept is central to many of the Eastern philosophies and many spiritual and religious paths. It has been brought into Western culture and popularized by a variety of spiritu…Read More