1. two men walking across a bridge hand in hand

    Same-Sex Couples More Likely to Face These Challenges

    While the world and our current society have come a long way in regard to LGBTQ rights and acceptance. With same-sex marriage legalized nation-wide and more rights for the transgendered community, coupled with increased awareness, now is the best time in history to be out and proud. However, the con…Read More

  2. Coping with the Pandemic

    Sharing Our Wisdom Coping with the Pandemic This has been a startling few weeks. Just a short time ago no one anticipated that an extremely contagious and life-threatening virus would arise and proliferate around the world and in the U.S. It appears that we are still experiencing the first wave of t…Read More

  3. Asking for Help

    Sharing Our Wisdom As women grow older, one of the most difficult challenges we face is asking for and accepting help from other people. Most women have assumed roles of incredible and relentless responsibility throughout their lives. These responsibilities include helping the families we grew up in…Read More

  4. Ageism

    Ageism is one of the biggest challenges we confront as women becoming older. Ageism refers to discrimination and prejudice based on age. The older we become, the greater the prejudice seems to be. It seems like there is a “magic age”, usually in our 50s or 60s when we start being perceived by ot…Read More

  5. Where We Live

    There is enormous variability in the living situations of women as we become older. Women’s living situations are strongly influenced by socioeconomic status, geographic and family circumstances, health needs and declines in physical and cognitive abilities. These choices also depend on whether wo…Read More

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    Tips For Talking to Your Spouse About Counseling

    You've reached a point in your marriage where you think some outside guidance would be beneficial and maybe help fix some of the problems you feel your marriage has. We cannot commend you enough for making this realization and deciding to 1. invest in your marriage enough to do the hard work, and 2.…Read More

  7. Embracing our Wisdom

    Sharing Our Wisdom It seems that the older we become the more interesting wisdom becomes to us. Some of us developed this interest early, perhaps during our teenage years, but many of us develop this curiosity later in life as we accumulate life experiences and try to make sense of them. Wisdom is a…Read More

  8. Sources of Joy

    Food for Thought As we age, we continue to seek sources of joy in our lives. Sometimes it seems that finding joy is more difficult as we reach and move beyond certain milestone events and decades, and in fact, this is probably true for most of us. It is hard to enter the next year or the next decade…Read More

  9. Self-Compassion

    Most people struggle with the idea of self-compassion. Many people have never even heard the term nor considered the concept unless they have been involved in personal growth training or therapy. The idea that we can extend compassion to ourselves as well as others is foreign to many of us, and self…Read More

  10. When Your New Bundle of Joy is Anything But

    Gone are the days of large extended families providing a village in which to rear and raise children. Gone are the days of the predominant trend being a working dad and a stay at home mom who dotes on the children. In our modern society, most families are forced to have both parents working outside …Read More