1. Pride and Humility

    FOOD FOR THOUGHT Pride and humility are two of the strongest and most misunderstood feelings and attitudes we experience in the course of our human existence.  Pride is usually discussed in one of two completely opposite contexts.  On the positive side, we may take pride in our work, in our parent…Read More

  2. Living in the Now

    FOOD FOR THOUGHT Living in the Now “Live in the now” is one of the most frequent pieces of spiritual advice we hear in our culture these days.  The concept is central to many of the Eastern philosophies and many spiritual and religious paths. It has been brought into Western culture and popular…Read More

  3. Finding Relief in Therapy

    Mental health is becoming a popular subject, thankfully. However, it’s important that people find the right form of treatment for the issues they’re dealing with. While bubble baths and long walks are certainly a part of caring for yourself, there are certain issues that will likely need the hel…Read More

  4. Psychological Challenges the LGBTQIA Community Faces

    In today’s day and age, it’s unfortunate that we have not made more strides when it comes to inclusivity and destigmatizing sexuality and gender identity. Because of the stigmas that still surround the LGBTQIA community, people within this group face higher rates of mental health issues such as …Read More

  5. Honesty

    FOOD FOR THOUGHT Honesty Honesty is the bedrock of healthy relationships with others and self-honesty is the foundation for personal growth and a life of integrity.  It all seems so simple: we are either honest or we aren’t.  There are many situations where it is straightforward to distinguish b…Read More

  6. Resentment and Forgiveness

    FOOD FOR THOUGHT The lens through which we perceive the world always contains an element of subjectivity.  That is, we are never entirely free of perceiving the world through our own unique filter, a filter consisting of our personality tendencies, our personal history, and our belief systems. For …Read More

  7. Overcoming Fear

    FOOD FOR THOUGHT Joy, fear, and anger are three of the most basic human emotions. You can see all of these emotions in infants, young children, and certainly in us as adults as well. Of course, there are dozens of variations on emotion. Many of them originate out of these basic three. For example, a…Read More

  8. Coping with Humor

    FOOD FOR THOUGHT Sometimes humor is the best weapon we have for fighting despair. In the moments we are laughing, we cannot feel despair.  Humor momentarily interrupts ruminating and worrying about how something has gone or how something will go in the future.  Certainly, there are times when grie…Read More

  9. Caregiving and Receiving Care

    FOOD FOR THOUGHT One of the most frequent topics that come up for my clients is the issue of caregiving. This is a role that may fall to any member of the family but usually seems to fall into our laps.  A large number of older women end up providing direct care for loved ones, usually parents and …Read More

  10. Learning to Live Alone

    FOOD FOR THOUGHT Learning to Live Alone Most women will live alone at some point in their lives. This can happen for a number of reasons. Women may choose to remain single, become divorced, or become widowed.  These women may or may not establish a new relationship that progresses to the point of l…Read More