1. Making Peace with our Limitations

    Life is full of opportunities, possibilities, and limitations. We tend to think of youth as a time of opportunity and feel as though we have limitless horizons. As we age, we encounter more and more limitations. Some of these limitations relate to time, others to physical ability, cognitive function…Read More

  2. Setting Boundaries with Friends and Family

    Most of us grew up having never heard the word “boundaries”. Although some of us learned about boundaries through the modeling of healthy parents, many of us did not. What is a personal boundary? A personal boundary is a clear personal guideline about what we are willing and able to do for anoth…Read More

  3. Saving Our Sanity

    There is an endless number of life situations that challenge our sense of inner balance and emotional well-being. At least once a week, if not once a day, you may hear yourself or a friend say, “That drives me crazy!”. They may be referring to the fifth telemarketing call of the day, being on ho…Read More

  4. Aging as a Spiritual Journey

    I was inspired by watching a program on PBS the other night called “Get Real: Wise Women Speak”. This documentary consisted of interviews with a number of accomplished women, now becoming older, who reflected on what aging means to them. They talked about the hardships and the satisfaction of ag…Read More

  5. Embracing our Ethnic and Racial Heritage

    Our racial and ethnic heritage is an important part of who we are as human beings. Those of us whose families may have immigrated to this country in the relatively recent past may have an especially strong sense of our ethnic and racial backgrounds. Though most of the women in this group probably id…Read More

  6. Alcoholism in Women

    Alcoholism, now called “Alcohol Use Disorder” (AUD) by substance abuse professionals, affects millions of men and women. While men engage in alcohol abuse at higher rates than women (8.4% of men, compared to 4.2% of women), the adverse impact of alcohol abuse and dependence tend to add up much m…Read More

  7. Spending Quality Time with Ourselves

    We think a great deal about our relationships. We consider and analyze our relationships with family, friends, coworkers, even our casual acquaintances, but we seem to overlook our most important relationship—our relationship with ourselves. We are constantly in a relationship with ourselves wheth…Read More

  8. Making New Friends

    Friendships are a large part of what shapes the quality of our lives, especially as we become older. Some of us have been blessed with a few long-time friendships, but often those friends are no longer nearby or the friendships may slowly have changed and become less intimate over time. Sometimes ex…Read More

  9. Working with Change

    Change. One of the few things almost everyone agrees about is that change is the only truly unchanging reality in life. Change can be infinitesimally gradual, abruptly cataclysmic, or anything in between. What we usually recognize as change, the changes that really get our attention, are usually tho…Read More

  10. Downsizing as we Age

    For most of us, downsizing seems like an idea that makes sense for “old” people, but we rarely think about it applying to us until we find ourselves face-to-face with the need to downsize. Some of us choose to move to a smaller house or apartment or into a senior living community because we want…Read More