1. Embracing our Wisdom

    Sharing Our Wisdom It seems that the older we become the more interesting wisdom becomes to us. Some of us developed this interest early, perhaps during our teenage years, but many of us develop this curiosity later in life as we accumulate life experiences and try to make sense of them. Wisdom is a…Read More

  2. Sources of Joy

    Food for Thought As we age, we continue to seek sources of joy in our lives. Sometimes it seems that finding joy is more difficult as we reach and move beyond certain milestone events and decades, and in fact, this is probably true for most of us. It is hard to enter the next year or the next decade…Read More

  3. Self-Compassion

    Most people struggle with the idea of self-compassion. Many people have never even heard the term nor considered the concept unless they have been involved in personal growth training or therapy. The idea that we can extend compassion to ourselves as well as others is foreign to many of us, and self…Read More

  4. When Your New Bundle of Joy is Anything But

    Gone are the days of large extended families providing a village in which to rear and raise children. Gone are the days of the predominant trend being a working dad and a stay at home mom who dotes on the children. In our modern society, most families are forced to have both parents working outside …Read More

  5. Families

    Families. What can we say about families? A million thoughts and feelings come to mind. Whether we were raised in a traditional two-parent heterosexual family, a divorced or widowed family, a single-parent household or a same-sex partner household, most of us grew up in some sort of family. We may b…Read More

  6. Growing Apart

    It seems we’ve all had this experience. Someone we are close to, perhaps your child, your brother or sister, your spouse, or a good friend starts to look or act like someone you’ve never met before. It happens suddenly or sometimes very gradually, but you wake up one day and realize that the per…Read More

  7. Taking Risks

    Life is a risk. It is remarkable to think about what complex and fragile physical beings we are and all the incredible physical and intellectual feats of which we are capable of. Giving birth is a risk. Being born is a risk. Learning to walk is a risk. Driving in a car is a risk. Raising children is…Read More

  8. Speaking our Truth

    Food for Thought In a world where information and misinformation abound, the truth is hard to recognize. Even truth itself depends on context and perspective and some truths seem “truer” than others. We often think of truth as something relating to the external world. This kind of truth is groun…Read More

  9. Understanding the Neurobiology of Trauma

    One of the biggest hurdles for victims of sexual assault and other violent crimes from reporting or seeking counseling is their perceived responsibility. Throughout life, we are told what to do and not to do to prevent becoming a victim — don’t go out alone, don’t drink, don’t lead people on…Read More

  10. Feeling Safe

    Sharing our Wisdom Life is anything but safe. It is full of risk and uncertainty. If we are fortunate, we may have moments, weeks, months, even years of feeling safe. People hold different perspectives about whether those times of feeling safe are real or illusory. After all, unanticipated things ca…Read More