1. Families

    What is a family?  This may sound like a ridiculous question to most people. After all, families are families. The term is self-explanatory . . . or is it?  A family is a group of people related by blood and marriage.  But the term is multiply-layered with meaning, significance, and expectation. …Read More

  2. Giving Thanks, Giving Back

    Gratitude is the basis for much of our personal happiness. At this time of thanksgiving, we have a wonderful opportunity to reflect on all of those people, events, and experiences, past and present, for which we would like to give thanks. Whether we give thanks in the quiet space within our hearts t…Read More

  3. Clearing Our Clutter

    Clutter is the bane of most women’s existence. Except for those tidy few who are able to discard and distribute without guilt or inner angst, most of us struggle. I’ve been reading a lot about tidying and clearing clutter lately. Moving to another place to live is a huge incentive to clear out a…Read More

  4. Our Dimensional Growth

    From birth on, we grow and develop in multiple ways and on multiple levels. The most obvious may be our physical growth, maturation, and aging, but equally prominent is our cognitive development.  This is most obvious and occurs with incredible speed from infancy through young adulthood, but our br…Read More

  5. Openness and Privacy

    There is a lively discussion in our culture these days about the topics of transparency and privacy.  The scope of the discussion ranges from the most personal individual right of privacy to the most public and global levels.  While each of us may come down more strongly on one side or the other, …Read More

  6. Living Kindness

    Kindness is one of the most important values in my life.  I often say, “Kindness is my religion and I practice it daily”.  Sometimes I reflect on how particular values in my life came to be so important.  Two primary influences have contributed to the emergence of kindness as an important lif…Read More

  7. Inner Peace

    There is a lot of discussion these days about the idea of “inner peace”.  It has actually been a topic for millennia and a key goal of virtually every religious tradition and spiritual path.  Regardless of whether a particular tradition believes in the concept of an afterlife, all traditions s…Read More

  8. Talking Politics  

    At our last meeting, I asked what topics our members would like to discuss in future meetings.  Several women suggested that they would like to discuss politics. In this Presidential election year, politics is at the forefront of many of our minds. Some of our members feel quite passionate about po…Read More

  9. Siblings: Friends or Frenemies?

    Many women I see in my counseling practice come in wanting to talk about troubled relationships with their brothers and sisters. Relationships with our siblings are seldom straightforward or consistently loving throughout our lives.  We may be best friends with one or more of our siblings in childh…Read More

  10. What is Sexism and Does It Still Exist?

    There has been a lot of focus in the media on the topic of sexism recently. The issues range from equal pay for equal work to disparities in earnings for professional athletic teams like soccer. In 2014, female full-time workers made only 79 cents for every dollar earned by men in similar profession…Read More