1. What do I want to be when I grow up?

    I frequently hear older women friends and women I work with talk about their struggles with finding a sense of purpose in their lives following retirement or as they get older. Our increasing life spans pose challenges not faced by previous generations. We may have 20, 30, or 40 years to fill follow…Read More

  2. Wisdom and Understanding Ourselves

    What is wisdom? One fairly simple definition is that wisdom is having a “big picture” perspective on things and being able to meet challenges in life with equanimity, dignity, and compassion toward both yourself and others. I heard a saying recently on an interesting radio program. The saying wa…Read More

  3. Beyond Guilt

    As women, guilt seems to run our lives. If there is one issue that every woman in my practice seems to struggle with, it is guilt. I see there being two kinds of guilt: One is rational guilt—you feel guilty because you hurt someone’s feelings, or yelled at your children. You owe them an apology …Read More

  4. Technology: Friend or Foe?

    We are living in a time when technology seems to control almost everything in our lives. Our culture has traveled from the “ancient” days of refrigerators, washing machines, and automated manufacturing processes—things that made our lives easier—to an era of computers, cell phones and inform…Read More

  5. When to Hold On, When to Let Go

    One of the most difficult challenges in life at any age is the question of when to stay the course and when to let go of a person, thing, or situation. This question applies to issues as large as when to let go of life and as small as when to let go of a sentimental item someone gave to you. Some pe…Read More

  6. Core Beliefs about Ourselves

    Every one of us carries an image of ourselves. We think of ourselves as a certain kind of person: a kind person, an honest person, a person who’s “not interesting”, a person who takes care of others—beliefs about the essence of who we are. These beliefs about ourselves have an underlying str…Read More

  7. Coming Together, Creating Community

    As we come back together after a summer of living our own lives, it seems like a good time to reflect on the purpose of our Wise Women support group and how this kind of group can enhance our lives. Most people struggle with a sense of belonging, of fitting in with a group or community. As we older,…Read More

  8. Embracing Life, Dealing with our Mortality

    One of the most difficult challenges in life, as we age, is the fact of our mortality. When we are young, we often feel invincible and death is an incomprehensible abstraction that we really can’t wrap our minds around. Some children and young adults have experienced a premature death in their fam…Read More

  9. First Impressions

    Our first impressions often guide most of our subsequent attitudes, feelings, expectations, and behavior around the person or situation we have encountered. Consider meeting a younger relative at a family gathering that you haven’t seen for 6 or 8 years and you notice them sporting multiple earrin…Read More

  10. Adapting to our Older Lives

    Have you ever heard the phrase, “Old age is not for sissies”? Fewer clichés could be any truer. All of us have had the experience of watching others age. Some people in our lives seemed old from the beginning: our grandparents and great-grandparents for example (if we are lucky enough to have t…Read More