1. Womens Psychotherapy -Dr Firestein

    I (Dr. Firestein) have  concentrated a great deal of my professional attention on understanding women’s concerns at many different life stages. Women are an incredibly diverse group. Some embrace traditional definitions of womanhood while others redefine what it means to be a woman in radical wa…Read More

  2. Dr. Firestein Provides Mental Health Consultation

    Dr. Firestein provides several types of consultation: These include educational programs, presentations, and workshops on a wide range of mental health and wellness topics, group facilitation, and consultation with other mental health professionals. She is available to consult with individuals, grou…Read More

  3. Get Counseling Help With Life’s Struggles

    If your struggling with life and suffering with everyday issues.  Please call me!  I can help get you back on track.  Whether it be depression, alcohol or substance addiction, bipolar, post partum depression,  you don't have to suffer through your feelings.  Call me, Dr. Firestein at 970-635-9…Read More

  4. Dr. Finestein Helps With Psychotherapy Issues

    Sometimes we need a little help in life.  Dr. Firestein can help you through it. Depression Relationship problems Anxiety and Panic Disorders Life Transitions (e.g. career transitions, divorce, relocation) Sexuality Blocked Creativity Healing from Trauma Grief and Loss Bipolar illness Aging and Car…Read More

  5. Psychotherapy for All-Dr. Firestein

    Dr. Beth provides individual, couple, group, and family counseling. Counseling and psychotherapy helps individuals and family members learn about themselves and one another, overcome the negative impact of past life events, and develop a vision for the future that meets their individual and family n…Read More

  6. Dr. Firestein Psychologist-Private Practice

    Dr. Beth Firestein is a licensed psychologist in private practice in Loveland, Colorado. She has 25 years of experience in counseling individuals, couples, partners, and families. Dr. Firestein looks at the needs of the "whole person" within the context of their individual life, helping each person …Read More

  7. Post Partum Depression Very Common

    You may be surprised to learn that over 20% of new mothers struggle with post-partum depression. It is not unusual to feel alternating depression and happiness right after the birth of your child. However, when that lasts beyond one or two weeks, there may be reason for concern.  Symptoms are simil…Read More