When December rolls around, some people feel excited by the prospect of the holidays. However, some people dread them. Even if you absolutely adore the holidays, they can be stressful. The change in routine, diet, and sleep can truly wreak havoc on anyone. Add in relatives or loneliness because of a lack thereof, and the holidays pack a punch. The good news is, there are things you can do to keep yourself steady and make the most of special days. Read on for some ideas to see if any will work for you!

Pace yourself

Don’t go through the holidays just reacting to whatever happens. Instead, take control by thinking ahead and setting limits for yourself. For instance, maybe you reduce the stay at your parent’s house from four days to two. If there’s a holiday party coming up that you know will be a lot to handle, plan on stopping by for a few hours rather than attending the whole time. When you know what you want to do, you can communicate it to others and manage their expectations. That way, they won’t be taken by surprise, and you won’t have to feel bad.

Relax about the way things should be

People fail to realize just how immense the cultural pressure is during the holidays. They spend their energy trying to make their holidays what they’ve heard they should be rather than what they would enjoy. When tension, arguments, or melancholy crop up, many people try to deny them in the name of having perfect holidays. Don’t fall into this trap. Instead, acknowledge negative feelings and give yourself and your loved ones the chance to be human.

Sometimes, helpful tips just aren’t enough. Getting the help you need is essential during the holidays. Turn to Beth Firestein and let her be your ally this December. Contact our Loveland counseling office today!