Dr. Beth, There isn’t a whole lot that bothers me or makes me upset, but when I think someone has lied to me—my brother, a friend, or whoever—I practically go off the deep end.  I yell and scream at them and usually just cut off the relationship.  I’m not sure why I’m so sensitive to lying, but I sometimes wonder if it has to do with my parent’s divorce.  When I was 12 my Dad and Mom started fighting all the time and within a few months, Dad moved out. Less than a year later they got a divorce and not long after that, Dad married this new, younger woman. Even though Mom didn’t talk much about it, as I got older I figured out that Dad had been having an affair and Mom had discovered it. I think he had been lying to her about it for years. Do you think this might be why I have such strong reactions to people who lie and why I tend to be suspicious that people are lying to me, even if they aren’t?