Dr. Beth Firestein is a dedicated psychotherapist in Loveland, Colorado who has been offering couples counseling for more than three decades. You do not have to be married or facing relationship trouble to enjoy the benefits of couples counseling. Get to know your partner better and have a deeper, more meaningful relationship when you begin your counseling journey. Dr. Firestein specializes in helping same-sex couples, couples of older generations, and nontraditional family couples.

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  1. Relationship Conflict Resolution: Part 3 Childraising

    In the first two installments of this series we took a look at resolving couples conflict related to money and household chores. We’re tackling another big topic today, children. These are tips for helping you get through conflicts in the moment, but if you and your partner are experiencing confli…Read More

  2. Relationship Conflict Resolution: Part 2 – Chores

    It may be tough to admit that arguing over housework is an area of conflict in your marriage. You aren’t alone so don’t feel bad if you’re struggling with this. Living with another person is difficult under the best circumstances. We bring expectations about household chores—from how and how…Read More

  3. Sexuality in a relationship_Answer

    It sounds like you have a great passion for your girlfriend and that you miss her quite a bit when you can’t spend time together.  Physical intimacy, whether affectionate or sexual, is a natural part of our love relationships. Of course, physical intimacy is only one of many forms of intimacy. We…Read More

  4. Sharing everything in a relationship_Answer

    You are both right. This is one of those areas where there is no clear “right” and “wrong”.  It sounds like you were not deliberately dishonest with your girlfriend. You didn’t intentionally withhold information from her; you just thought it was truly unimportant, especially since there w…Read More

  5. qSharing everything in a relationship_Question

    A couple months ago a woman at work asked me on a date, and I told her I wasn't interested. The woman has since respected my decision and hasn't pursued me any further. I didn't tell my girlfriend of two years at first, until it came up the other day. She got mad and said we need to be completely …Read More

  6. Plantonic Relationship between genders – Does it work_Answer

    It is definitely possible for a man and a woman to have a truly platonic friendship. Frequently, we come into a new romantic relationship having a group of friends who are already a part of our lives. Some of these people may be relatively new friends and others may have been friends of ours since m…Read More

  7. Dating_Answer

    It sounds like you are genuinely concerned about the quality of your dating life and whether never being single for very long might mean that you have a personal problem. There are two key things you mentioned that indicate this may be a problem. First, you are wondering if it is healthy to go from …Read More

  8. How to approach women_Answer

    Your problem is very common. In spite of the images promoted on television advertisements of suave men that women swarm over, this is not really the experience of most men. While some people are shy and others are more extroverted and gregarious, there are many people who feel uncomfortable and conf…Read More

  9. Living in a new town_How to find friends_Answer

    First of all, welcome to the area! Moving is a big deal even when you have family in the area. Often our adult children are busy with their own lives and it can be hard to get as much quality time with them as you might like. When moving to a new area, we often have a variety of needs. One need is t…Read More

  10. How to find friends when living in a new town_Question

    Dr. Firestein, I am a widow in my 70s and in good health. I just relocated to the area to be close to my daughter and her husband and family. I am a widow and live alone in my own apartment. Until this year, I lived in a small town with lots of friends I have known all my life. I am lonely but I hav…Read More