1. Working with Limitations

    One fact of aging is that if we live long enough, we will begin experiencing a decrease in physical strength and stamina, develop health conditions, and experience decreased memory and cognitive acuity over time.  For some of us, the changes are sudden and dramatic, for others, the changes are grad…Read More

  2. Loss of a Partner

    Loss of a partner is one of the most difficult changes we face in life, regardless of our age.  As older women, we face special challenges around these losses.  We can lose a partner due to a wide range of circumstances and for a variety of reasons. As we get older, illness leading to death is one…Read More

  3. Continuity and Change

    Life is change, but life is also continuity. Some of us identify more with the idea of continuity while others of us embrace change.  There are elements of continuity throughout our life cycles—even change is continuous.  Many people long for continuity, at least regarding their families, the st…Read More

  4. Having an Open Mind

    Having an open mind has never been more important. In these days of rapid cultural change, political divisiveness and world tensions, having an open mind and an open heart are critical for navigating the waters of uncertainty, fear, and misinformation. Almost everyone likes to believe that they are …Read More