Along with June and the first day of summer is Pride month! While June may be the perfect time for you to come out or celebrate your gender identity, gender expression, sex, and sexuality, there is a variety of mental health concerns that may accompany this joyous time. Dr. Beth Firestein has been helping individuals and families cope since the 1980s. Some areas that she specializes in that may come of special benefit to you and your family this month include:

Coming Out and Gender Identify & Expression

While you may not be confused, coming out and identifying yourself can cause some emotional distress in a heteronormative society that values labels. The LBGTQIA community remains one of the most misunderstood and stigmatized groups in our current society. Whether or not you have a strong support network, having a mental health advocate can help you face challenges and adversity with pride and confidence.

Couples Counseling

Gay, straight, polyamorous, asexual, married, dating, or debating divorce, there is no couple that couldn’t benefit from couple’s counseling! To help strengthen your bonds and cope together, consider giving your sweetie the lasting gift of counseling with you.

Family Therapy

Your family is whatever you claim it to be and interpersonal relationships can be difficult to maintain sometimes. Coming out and new relationships can add additional stress to even the most functional family units. To help you and your family better understand each other or face trauma, change, or daily stressors as a cohesive unit, consider the value of family counseling.

For all of your LBGTQIA counseling needs including help with gender identity and expression, sexuality, and relationships, Dr. Beth Firestein has a listening ear and experienced approach to helping you and your family. Take pride in who you are and find the support that you deserve. Review the full list of services online today. Contact us to schedule your appointment today!