Counseling for caregiver depression

Our population here in Loveland is aging. Currently, the number of residents 65 years of age and older is 15 percent. That number is only going to grow. And with one in five seniors expected to suffer from dementia or alzheimer’s at some point in their life, more and more of us are finding ourselves caring for parents or grandparents.

Caring for your own mental health

If you are a caregiver suffering from symptoms of depression, you are not alone. Forty percent of caregivers are suffering right along with you. Caring for an elderly parent is complex and takes a physical and mental toll. Without help, it can be overwhelming and lead to the deterioration of your own physical and emotional well being.

It is critical to care for your own health when caring for someone else. Our specialty counseling services help caregivers identify triggers for their depression, help them develop habits and tools for better handling their own symptoms, and ensure that they remain healthy so they can continue to care for their loved ones.

Ask for help

You can get the help you need from Dr. Beth Firestein right here in Loveland for this and other family or aging related counseling needs.

Remember to be kind to yourself. You are doing the best you can under very difficult circumstances. Family dynamics are often complicated under the best circumstances. You will get frustrated. You will make mistakes. That’s not only okay, it is unavoidable. By reaching out to a professional counselor for the help and support you need, you can learn to do a better job caring for yourself so you can continue to be there for the people you love.