We face decisions every day, but transitions are different. They represent milestones during our life where we are leaving the past behind, entering a new phase of life, and possibly a whole new way of living. These times can be stressful and aggravate any existing mental health issues. Call to make an appointment. I can help. Meanwhile, think about these things to help get you through life’s rough patches.

Shift Your Perspective

Even some of life’s most difficult transitions make for our longest-lasting, fondest memories. Leaving a childhood home, saying goodbye to a loved one who has passed, or watching your children leave for college, are all difficult in their own ways. But each can be looked at as a precious gift, and being grateful for the opportunity to go through and learn from these transitions can help us get to the other end of them better off than when we started.

Get Support

It can be hard to admit that you are vulnerable and need help. But think about if a friend or family member came to you asking for help during a time of transition. Would you judge them for their vulnerability? Of course not. You would feel privileged that they trusted you enough to ask for help, and you would do whatever you could for them.

Accept How You Feel

Sometimes there is just no way around it. We are going to feel anxious or depressed at certain times of our lives. Accepting those feelings, working through them, and realizing that they too shall pass, is much more productive than trying to deny how you feel.

Be Present

If you’ve passed a difficult milestone but don’t let go of your past, you are causing yourself unnecessary pain. The past is gone and done. You can’t change it by reliving it over and over in your head. If you can’t seem to move on, a professional therapist can often be of great assistance. And, letting go of the past is one of the best ways to successfully make it through all of life’s transitions.

If you are struggling, call to make an appointment. I’m here to help.