It sounds like you have a great passion for your girlfriend and that you miss her quite a bit when you can’t spend time together.  Physical intimacy, whether affectionate or sexual, is a natural part of our love relationships. Of course, physical intimacy is only one of many forms of intimacy. We can experience the intimacy of deep friendship, intellectual synergy, emotional closeness and the overall intimacy of a shared daily life.

One key to answering your question is whether you also enjoy and share other forms of intimacy with your girlfriend. Do you spend time together outside of the bedroom talking, cooking meals, going for walks and participating in activities that enrich your lives?  Sexual intimacy, when mutually desired and thoughtfully initiated, adds a rich dimension of expression to your relationship. However, if this is the only way you have of expressing your feelings to her, she will no doubt pick up on that and respond accordingly.

In addition, while it is natural to think almost continuously about our partner when we are in love, sometimes that degree of focus can become an obsession that displaces other important things we should be paying attention to in our lives or within ourselves. New love is wonderful, but don’t let it blind you to the other areas of your life that are calling out for your attention.  A lover with a sense of perspective and a balance of attentiveness to his or her own life and that of their intimate partner is a more desirable partner than one whose focus is entirely and continuously directed toward their partner and the relationship.

Enjoy the pleasure of your thoughts and feelings and do your best to translate them into many different expressions of intimacy, including making love.  In this way, you are more likely to create a loving relationship that spans the test of time.