Mental health is becoming a popular subject, thankfully. However, it’s important that people find the right form of treatment for the issues they’re dealing with. While bubble baths and long walks are certainly a part of caring for yourself, there are certain issues that will likely need the help of a professional. Therapy is a great way to express yourself, talk about issues you’re dealing with, and work through different options that may benefit you with the help of someone who is qualified and knowledgeable.

At Inner Source Psychotherapy and Consultation Services, we believe in the power of therapy, and we offer a wide range of services from individuals and couples therapy to specialty services such as sexuality, depression, anxiety, LGBTQIA, and grief therapy here in our Loveland office. Today, we’d like to cover some of the ways in which you could benefit from therapy and how you can take the first step to better your mental health.

Find the Relief You Need in Therapy

Professional Support

Dr. Beth Firestein has been helping people through psychotherapy for more than 21 years. Psychotherapy — or talk therapy — offers a safe, reliable, and professional atmosphere where you can feel comfortable working through a variety of topics. Whatever you’re seeking help for, when you choose to work with a psychologist, you can feel confident knowing that you’ll receive guidance from someone who understands how to get to the root of your issues and provide you with the appropriate referrals for medical evaluations.

Actionable Guidance

Therapy is a great starting point for figuring out where you are and where you need or want to go. Whether you simply have emotional concerns you want to work through or you need medical evaluations, Dr. Beth works with medical and health practitioners so she can give you a well-rounded approach to treatment. Therapy isn’t just a place to verbally express all of your feelings, it’s a safe space where you can get practical next steps to reaching your goals.

Overcome Stigmas

It’s true what they say, sometimes the thing standing in our way is fear itself. While mental health is becoming a more prevalent topic, some people still have certain reservations about trying therapy. However, once you experience how therapy can make a difference in your life, and you realize there are so many other people seeking professional help, it can really make a difference in the uncertainty and stigma around mental health struggles. Therapy is here to help you find the relief you need, and it’s likely that you’ll realize quickly how beneficial it can be.

If you’re looking for individual, couples, depression, anxiety, sexuality, or grief therapy in Loveland, Dr. Beth Firestein is here for you. With more than 30 years of experience and a kind, understanding approach to therapy, Dr. Beth will help you ease into therapy so you can get the help you need. Should you have any questions or you’d like to make an appointment, contact our office today. We look forward to hearing from you.