We all would like to believe that we have it all together. After all, you are a strong individual who is used to navigating through the curves that life has thrown at you. While you may be able to handle some of life’s difficulties, it is important to be able to say that you need help sometimes.

Depression is more than feeling sad or down on yourself; it is often accompanied by a feeling of hopelessness that can last for weeks. However, the symptoms vary from person to person. If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, be sure to call Inner Source for an appointment:

  • You find yourself feeling hopeless. You feel that your life will never improve and you will never be happy.
  • You have lost interest in your hobbies, activities, social gatherings, and sex.
  • You have had a major change in your appetite, as well as significant weight loss or gain.
  • You either sleep too much or struggle to sleep at night.
  • You feel fatigued and sluggish.
  • You experience strong guilt and self-loathing.
  • You find yourself engaging in reckless behavior, such as excessive drinking, substance abuse, or gambling.
  • You have difficulty focusing and recalling details.

Depression is a disease that can be fought, but most people need help. If you are looking for a Loveland counselor who can help you on your path to wellness, be sure to contact Inner Source. While antidepressants may be a good solution, we can also help you devise additional ways of improving the way you feel without the use of medication. Let us help you. Call Inner Source today.