Dr. Beth Firestein provides individual, couple, group, and family counseling. Counseling psychology helps individuals and family members learn about themselves and one another, overcome the negative impact of past life events, and develop a vision for the future that meets their individual and family needs. Dr. Beth assists clients from a broad range of geographic areas in the region. These include Loveland, Greeley, and Fort Collins in Northern Colorado, as well as Boulder, Denver, Wyoming, and Nebraska. Some services are available via telephone, but email counseling is not available.

Individual Therapy

For most people, seeking counseling is a difficult and courageous step toward managing the unmanageable in their lives. We tend to think of ourselves as independent, resourceful and able to handle the challenges life brings without outside assistance. An individual usually seeks therapy after trying to use their own knowledge and skills to solve the problem and these efforts haven’t been successful. Sometimes it is easier and more effective to enlist the help of someone outside of the situation to help sort through the options and create workable solutions.

I work to create a comfortable and safe environment of acceptance and non-judgment in which you can explore and resolve your difficulties. My therapy approach involves 1) assessment (understanding the person, the problem and the situation), 2) assistance in determining the issues and behaviors blocking the solution to the problem, and 3) providing understanding, support, useful feedback, and specific ideas for activating the individual’s resources and to resolve conflict and improve relationships.

Couples Therapy and Family Counseling

Relationship problems are probably the #1 issue bringing people to therapy. Sometimes it is effective to work on self-esteem and relationship issues in individual therapy. Many times, however, it is impossible to resolve relationship conflicts without having the couple and possibly other family members involved in the counseling.

Common presenting concerns for couples include:

  • Communication
  • Life Transitions (e.g. birth of a child, relocation, job loss)
  • Unresolved conflicts
  • Infidelity or Betrayal
  • Sexual Problems
  • Caring for Aging Parents
  • Codependency and Substance Abuse
  • Dealing with a Family Member’s Mental Health Issues
  • Parenting
  • Regaining Emotional Intimacy
  • Breaking Abuse Patterns
  • Health Concerns

My approach to family and couples therapy involves understanding the background and personality of each individual and the history of the relationship and the family. I offer a balanced, non-blaming perspective on the problems confronting the couple and share my analysis of the problems and potential solutions. I assist the couple in finding their own solutions through offering feedback, ideas, and a safe environment to deal with conflicts that they have been unable to resolve on their own. The goals of the counseling are higher relationship satisfaction, the resolution of previously unresolved problems, and cultivating a healthy, loving and nurturing environment for the couple and their family.

Specialty Services