1. Balance between job and family_Answer

    You are very fortunate to have found a meaningful career that you are passionate about that also allows you help others so directly. It sounds like you are struggling with the demands of your work setting and not the overall nature of your work or career path. In that respect, you are one of the for…Read More

  2. Balance between job and family_Question

    Question: My job is physically, emotionally and mentally demanding. Because I work in emergency care at a hospital, my priorities often have to shift to work with the first ring of a cell phone when I am on call. I have a supportive husband and son, but I am starting to feel guilty about the time I …Read More

  3. Videos Games interfering with relationship_Answer

    This is a question that comes up often in my counseling practice.  Sometimes the question is raised by the person who plays the games. Often the question is raised by the person’s spouse, girlfriend/boyfriend, or family members.  People in general and mental health professionals have lively deba…Read More

  4. Video Games interfering with relationship_Question

    Question:  I am in my late twenties and I love playing interactive games on the internet. I work full-time and pay my bills. I think I’m a pretty healthy person, but it drives my girlfriend crazy that I spend most of my free time playing games on the computer.  I love it and it is a big part of …Read More

  5. Highschool Experience_Answer

    It sounds as though your son is finding the positive momentum and joy of learning that you have probably wished for him for a long time.  As adolescents move into young adulthood they are also learning to navigate the tricky waters of friendship, peer pressure, and defining one’s self as an indiv…Read More

  6. Highschool Experience_Question

    My son is a junior in high school. For the first time this year, he has found teachers he really connects with and he is starting to excel in his studies. However, several of his friends dropped out this semester, and he is feeling a lot of pressure to do the same. How can I encourage him to keep ma…Read More

  7. Mother – Daughter Relationship_Answer

    Some people are blessed with a very compatible relationship with one or both of their parents, but most people struggle with those relationships to one degree or another. You mention several important elements affecting your relationship with your mother. These include her history as a single Mom wh…Read More

  8. Mother – Daughter Relationship_Question

    Question: My mother and I have always had a rocky relationship. She was a single mom when I was growing up and had to work really hard to keep our family together. Her bitterness from that time period has increased over the years. Now thirty years have passed, and I can hardly have a conversation wi…Read More

  9. Cheating – Can you stop_Question

    Is the saying once a cheater, always a cheater, true? Why do people cheat? Is it because they don't want to be with their partner or are there other underlying reasons? My husband cheated on me before we were married, but since then he has been devoted to me ... at least physically. The problem is t…Read More

  10. Teenage Girl only Buddy_Answer

    Many young women in high school struggle with the issue of romantic longing and the desire to be noticed by boys in more of a dating, romantic way. While you may not see it now, you have several things working in your favor. One really good thing that you have going for you is that you already know …Read More