1. Alcoholism_Answer

    It sounds like your Dad may be an alcoholic and that your Mom really doesn’t know what to do about it. Alcoholism is a disease that affects the mind, body and spirit of the alcoholic. Alcoholics are not “bad” people. In fact, many people suffering from the disease of alcoholism are really good…Read More

  2. Alcoholism_Question

    Question:   I am in high school and I live at home. I have a younger brother in middle school and a younger sister in 6th grade. My problem is that my Dad drinks all the time and my Mom doesn’t do anything about it. I love my Dad, but when he is drinking he yells and acts like an idiot. Sometime…Read More

  3. Alcohol and Drug Abuse in adult children_Answer

    It sounds like your daughter has moved from use to abuse to addiction over the past 10 or 15 years.  Alcoholism and addiction are powerful beasts.  They take over a person’s life and eventually can destroy a person’s health and even eclipse a lot of their original good character and personalit…Read More

  4. Alcohol and Drug Abuse in grown children_Question

    Dr. Beth, We have a 33 year old daughter who has been using alcohol and drugs since her middle teens.  Her experimentation with drugs and alcohol turned into regular use and started causing her legal and financial problems. And for the last five years, it seems like she has moved into full-blown al…Read More

  5. Alcoholism – How to diagnose it_Answer

    I get this question frequently.  I think the information from the Mayo Clinic, one of the nation’s most highly regarded medical clinics, provides one of the clearest definitions of alcoholism: “Alcoholism is a chronic and often progressive disease that includes problems controlling your drinkin…Read More

  6. Alcoholism – How do you know_Question

    Dr. Beth, My husband drinks a lot and I don’t know whether or not he has a problem with alcohol. I hate to think he might be an alcoholic and I’m not even sure that I know the difference between someone that just likes to drink and someone with a drinking problem. He talks about cutting back or …Read More

  7. Uncommon Sense

    Dr. Beth Firestein writes an column within the Loveland Reporter Herald/Health Line of Northern Colorado. She offers her expertise in kind and helpful words that answers questions that pray on individuals minds. These fabulously named writings offer insight and help in an unhelpful world. Visit Inne…Read More