1. The 2020 Election

    Food for Thought Today is Election Day.  It is the day voters formally cast their ballots for the office of President of the United States, the person that will govern the country for the next 4 years.  There is an enormous amount at stake; and we are going to the polls as a country that has never…Read More

  2. Stressed About the Holidays?

    When December rolls around, some people feel excited by the prospect of the holidays. However, some people dread them. Even if you absolutely adore the holidays, they can be stressful. The change in routine, diet, and sleep can truly wreak havoc on anyone. Add in relatives or loneliness because of a…Read More

  3. Money Issues_Answer

    I’m guessing that you have a lot of people in your boat and their boat is weighed down just as much as yours.  Even for those who haven’t lost jobs or had major cuts in income, the fear and stress of that possibility are there. Just ask them. There are three issues that intertwine with your dil…Read More

  4. Money Issues_Question

    Question:    Money is a big issue in our family these days. In the past, we used to buy gifts for immediate family members, close friends and even a few neighbors and the postman that brings our mail.  Now that our income has been cut in half due to layoffs and payments on credit card debt, we c…Read More

  5. Thanksgiving with the family_Answer

    It sounds like you have a loving but difficult relationship with your family.  You will probably need to make a choice this year between spending the holiday with your family or with your boyfriend’s family due to the distance between the households. Of course, there is also the option of having …Read More

  6. Thanksgiving with the family_Question

    Question:    I love my family, but sometimes I really don’t like them very much and Thanksgiving is just around the corner. My parents live about 2 hours away. I am 33 years old, I work full-time and I am in a good relationship with my boyfriend of 3 years. He doesn’t mind going to see my fam…Read More

  7. Depression or Anxiety_Answer

    Most of us go through cycles of confidence and fear. In our periods of confidence, we feel that we are fundamentally OK, our bodies and our lives are basically intact, and things in our lives will turn out just fine. In our periods of fear and doubt, we tend to focus on the worst possible outcomes t…Read More

  8. Depression or Anxiety_Question

    Question: I don't think I am a hypochondriac, but lately every time I have a symptom I immediately get a feeling of doom and think the worst. It seems to be getting worse, too, and I'm spending a lot of time worrying about things that eventually just go away. How can I stop this process?…Read More

  9. Public Speaking – How to improve skills_Answer

    It sounds like the main issue is about communication. As young children we learn how to talk long before we are even able to remember learning how to talk. We think of communication as entirely natural, not as a skill we need to learn or polish.  Some people are natural communicators, but many peop…Read More

  10. Public Speaking – How to improve skills_Question

    I sometimes have trouble speaking my mind in certain social and business situations. Although I know what I want to say, I often get sidetracked by what other people are saying, or I feel like my viewpoints might be falling on deaf ears, and I'm unable to convey myself the way I need to. Is th…Read More