1. Alone on Valentine’s Day – How to start dating_Answer

    Well that is the $64,000 dollar question. We have control over lots of aspects of our lives, but love doesn’t seem to be one of them. Valentine’s Day just happens to be a day that is symbolic of romantic love to many people. In real life, most Valentine’s Days don’t live up to people’s exp…Read More

  2. Public Speaking – How to improve skills_Answer

    It sounds like the main issue is about communication. As young children we learn how to talk long before we are even able to remember learning how to talk. We think of communication as entirely natural, not as a skill we need to learn or polish.  Some people are natural communicators, but many peop…Read More

  3. Public Speaking – How to improve skills_Question

    I sometimes have trouble speaking my mind in certain social and business situations. Although I know what I want to say, I often get sidetracked by what other people are saying, or I feel like my viewpoints might be falling on deaf ears, and I'm unable to convey myself the way I need to. Is th…Read More

  4. Healthier Lifestyle – How to achieve it_Answer

    This is a big question with a lot of common sense answers, most of which you have probably already heard. Creating a structured schedule, joining a weight loss or exercise support group, following the approach of any number of health gurus—I’m sure you have heard these suggestions before. They e…Read More

  5. Healthier Lifestyle – How to achieve it_Question

    I am attempting to make several healthy life changes but I can't seem to get past my old ways. While pursuing a healthier body weight, sometimes I will get exercising down but not eating or vice versa. I can't seem to connect all of the dots, and I often get discouraged. How can I finally kick these…Read More

  6. Cheating – Can you stop_Answer

    Your question contains a lot of different questions. I will try to address some of them. People in a committed relationship begin hidden, secretive relationships or have purely sexual encounters with other people for a number of reasons. Frustration and dissatisfaction with their committed partner m…Read More

  7. Teenage Girl only Buddy_Answer

    Many young women in high school struggle with the issue of romantic longing and the desire to be noticed by boys in more of a dating, romantic way. While you may not see it now, you have several things working in your favor. One really good thing that you have going for you is that you already know …Read More

  8. Teenage Girl only Buddy_Question

    I am a pretty typical 17-year-old girl in high school. I have plenty of friends and a lot going on for me in school. There's only one problem: boys are only interested in me as a friend. My mom says I should be patient, and that things will happen in due time. Is there anything I can do to get b…Read More

  9. Spice up the romance_Answer

    Even the happiest of and healthiest of marriages can go through the doldrums. It is part of sharing everyday life with another person over a long period of time.  The stresses of life, health, money, children, and grandchildren as well as larger world issues impinge on our happiness at times.  I d…Read More