1. Balance between job and family_Answer

    You are very fortunate to have found a meaningful career that you are passionate about that also allows you help others so directly. It sounds like you are struggling with the demands of your work setting and not the overall nature of your work or career path. In that respect, you are one of the for…Read More

  2. Balance between job and family_Question

    Question: My job is physically, emotionally and mentally demanding. Because I work in emergency care at a hospital, my priorities often have to shift to work with the first ring of a cell phone when I am on call. I have a supportive husband and son, but I am starting to feel guilty about the time I …Read More

  3. Being laid off – How to handle_Answer

    You should be concerned. While there is such a thing as legal Multi-Level Marketing businesses (MLMs), the vast majority are legally questionable pyramid or Ponzi type schemes.  Originally, such businesses came into being to distribute goods and products in rural or remote areas where distribution …Read More

  4. Being laid off – How to handle_Question

    Question: Dr. Firestein, my husband has been out of work for over 9 months after being laid off from his job. He has been looking non-stop but still hasn’t found a new job.  In the past few months, he seems to be spending more and more time looking at “get rich quick” sales schemes and multi-…Read More

  5. Videos Games interfering with relationship_Answer

    This is a question that comes up often in my counseling practice.  Sometimes the question is raised by the person who plays the games. Often the question is raised by the person’s spouse, girlfriend/boyfriend, or family members.  People in general and mental health professionals have lively deba…Read More

  6. Video Games interfering with relationship_Question

    Question:  I am in my late twenties and I love playing interactive games on the internet. I work full-time and pay my bills. I think I’m a pretty healthy person, but it drives my girlfriend crazy that I spend most of my free time playing games on the computer.  I love it and it is a big part of …Read More

  7. Defining Marriage_Answer

    It sounds like your families have very similar generational patterns of power distribution in their respective marriages. This in itself is pretty interesting. I also find it interesting that the gender power balance shifted so dramatically between your grandparents’ generation and your parents’…Read More

  8. Defining Marriage_Question

    My fiancé and I are working towards combining our households. In the process, we are determining what we want our marriage to look like. Both of our grandparents have very man-authoritative centered marriages, and our parents seem to have woman dominated relationships. How do we find the balance, e…Read More

  9. Alone on Valentine’s Day – How to start dating_Answer

    Well that is the $64,000 dollar question. We have control over lots of aspects of our lives, but love doesn’t seem to be one of them. Valentine’s Day just happens to be a day that is symbolic of romantic love to many people. In real life, most Valentine’s Days don’t live up to people’s exp…Read More

  10. Cheating – Can you stop_Answer

    Your question contains a lot of different questions. I will try to address some of them. People in a committed relationship begin hidden, secretive relationships or have purely sexual encounters with other people for a number of reasons. Frustration and dissatisfaction with their committed partner m…Read More