1. two men walking across a bridge hand in hand

    Same-Sex Couples More Likely to Face These Challenges

    While the world and our current society have come a long way in regard to LGBTQ rights and acceptance. With same-sex marriage legalized nation-wide and more rights for the transgendered community, coupled with increased awareness, now is the best time in history to be out and proud. However, the con…Read More

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    Tips For Talking to Your Spouse About Counseling

    You've reached a point in your marriage where you think some outside guidance would be beneficial and maybe help fix some of the problems you feel your marriage has. We cannot commend you enough for making this realization and deciding to 1. invest in your marriage enough to do the hard work, and 2.…Read More

  3. Happy Pride Month From Your Loveland LBGTQIA Therapist!

    Along with June and the first day of summer is Pride month! While June may be the perfect time for you to come out or celebrate your gender identity, gender expression, sex, and sexuality, there is a variety of mental health concerns that may accompany this joyous time. Dr. Beth Firestein has been h…Read More

  4. Navigating Life’s Transitions

    We face decisions every day, but transitions are different. They represent milestones during our life where we are leaving the past behind, entering a new phase of life, and possibly a whole new way of living. These times can be stressful and aggravate any existing mental health issues. Call to make…Read More

  5. Relationship Conflict Resolution: Part 3 Childraising

    In the first two installments of this series we took a look at resolving couples conflict related to money and household chores. We’re tackling another big topic today, children. These are tips for helping you get through conflicts in the moment, but if you and your partner are experiencing confli…Read More

  6. Relationship Conflict Resolution: Part 2 – Chores

    It may be tough to admit that arguing over housework is an area of conflict in your marriage. You aren’t alone so don’t feel bad if you’re struggling with this. Living with another person is difficult under the best circumstances. We bring expectations about household chores—from how and how…Read More

  7. Dating Etiquette – Cell Phone Usage during Dating_Question

    Dr. Beth, I am in my late 40s and just old enough to remember life before cell phones were our everyday companions.  I married at 19 and my wife passed away a couple of years ago from a serious unexpected illness. Now I am starting to date again. My problem may seem trivial, but several of the wome…Read More