1. In a relationship with a workaholic – How to handle it_Question

    Dear Dr. Beth, I’m in a relationship with someone I love very much. We both work full-time and overall we have a very good relationship. The main problem I am dealing with is that I think my partner is workaholic. He is really awesome at his job and I respect that, but he works anywhere from 50-70…Read More

  2. Long Term Relationship with different backgrounds_Answer

    Cultural and life experience differences of all kinds can affect our romantic relationships and even our friendships, so the question is one worth thinking about.  Clearly you do have some significant differences in your backgrounds and life experiences.  This neither dooms your relationship nor a…Read More

  3. Long Term Relationship with different backgrounds_Question

    Dear Dr. Beth,   I am in my 50s and my fiancé is in her late 40s. When we first met almost two years ago we were very attracted to each other but both of us wondered if our life experiences and backgrounds would really make us compatible enough to have a serious relationship.  Our relationship h…Read More

  4. Marriage Problems – When to give up_Answer

    It sounds like you are in an extremely painful and unfulfilling marriage and this painful situation has been going on for a very long time.  This is obviously a very sticky situation.  The fact that children are involved in your relationship makes it all the more challenging. I’m sure you also h…Read More

  5. Marriage Problems – When to give up_Question

    Dr. Beth,   My wife and I have been having problems for years now.  We don’t agree on finances, we disagree on disciplining the kids, she criticizes me for not making enough money, and there is no affection in our marriage much less sex.  I have been dissatisfied for years and I know she can…Read More

  6. ‘Love’ after 10 years of marriage_Question

    Dr. Beth,   I have a great partner relationship with my husband. We have been married for 10 years and he is a great guy. We share household responsibilities and parenting. We enjoy the same activities. We have the same values. My question is: what about being in love?  We were in love when we ma…Read More

  7. Differences in showing love_Answer

    Your question gets to the heart of the way that many couples who love each other end up fighting for what feels like no reason.  Partners love each other but keep missing the boat when it comes to giving and receiving love in ways that really seem to matter their partner.  You are doing the right …Read More

  8. Positive Sexuality in marriage_Answer

    In my counseling practice, I find that this is a fairly common experience for men and women who have held off from acting on their sexual desires until marriage. It seems to be especially true for individuals raised in very conservative religious cultures. For many young people, it takes a lot of ps…Read More