1. Depression Medication and side effects_Question

    Dear Dr. Beth: I am a 51 year old married man and I have suffered from depression off and on throughout my life. I only recently talked to my doctor about this problem and she prescribed me an anti-depressant. The depression is a lot better but the medicine has lowered my sex drive and decreased my …Read More

  2. Laid off – How to stay positive_Answer

    Beating the unemployment blues is definitely a challenge. I talk to people every day from every walk of life who present the same frustrations around replacing a lost job. You have enough work experience to know that you are competent and you can perform well in a job setting so it sounds like confi…Read More

  3. Laid off – How to stay positive_Question

    Dr. Beth: A month and a half ago I was laid off from a job I'd had for 11 years. Since that time I've applied for a bunch of jobs, but I haven't gotten an interview much less a response on any of them. It is the most frustrating thing I've ever been through. What can I do keep an upbea…Read More

  4. Terminal Ill Parent_Answer

    I am so sorry to hear about your mother’s diagnosis of breast cancer. As you well know, this disease afflicts many women and can occur at any age or stage of life. First, it is important to know that a diagnosis of breast cancer (or cancer of any kind) is not an automatic death sentence. Advances …Read More

  5. Life Changes – How to handle Anxiety_Answer

    This is a common problem that I have seen come up many times with both boys and girls who are completing high school and taking on the responsibilities and life changes of becoming young women and young men. There are a number of potential reasons why your daughter may be experiencing a heightened s…Read More

  6. How to help child with stress or depression_Question

    Dr. Firestein, My daughter is a high school senior and has always been a good student. In the past, she always seemed to handle stress well. She has gotten very good grades, participated in sports and served in student governance.  She does plan to go to college and has been accepted at a universit…Read More

  7. How to change bad karma?_Answer

    Different people believe different things but I tend to believe that the world is neither for us nor against us, it is just “the world”. Good things happen and bad things happen. Some people seem to have more good than bad happen or the other way around during certain periods in their lives. It …Read More

  8. Bad things happening – How to change the karma?_Question

    Dear Dr. Beth, I can't help but feel like the world is against me. I feel like nothing ever goes my way. I know they say the secret to success is believing it will happen, but as more things continue to go wrong I can't seem to turn my negative mindset around. How can I become a more positive, happy…Read More

  9. Valentine’s Day – How to survive it as a Single_Question

    Valentine’s Day is almost upon us.  I hate this holiday.  I don’t even know why it exists.  All it does is make me feel bad about not being in a romantic relationship.  Do you have any suggestions about how to make an unpleasant holiday more bearable to us divorced or recently broken up sing…Read More

  10. Depression – How to diagnose_Question

    Dear Dr. Beth, I know I am depressed and have been for a long time, but I’m actually too depressed to get out of bed or even make a phone call to make myself get in touch with a doctor or counselor. I can barely even get myself to write this email. I hardly eat at all or shower or do any of the no…Read More