1. Depression – How to diagnose it_Answer

    It sounds as though you may have several symptoms of depression. These include loss of motivation, energy, drive and interest in things and activities that usually energize you. The feeling you describe of life being gray and no longer “in color” is another image I hear fairly often from people …Read More

  2. Depression – How to diagnose it_Question

    Dr. Beth,   I have been running on empty for quite a while. I don’t feel motivated at my job and I have no drive to take care of things at home, but I force myself to do some of them anyway.  I feel like I have less patience than normal and tend to get angry easily.  Basically it seems like li…Read More

  3. Depression – How to find help_Answer

    You are suffering from a depression that has clearly become disabling in its severity.  I have dealt with many people who have experienced   depression as severe as yours.  This is a dangerous level of depression and you cannot afford to procrastinate any longer on getting help.  Some people ev…Read More

  4. Depression – How to find help_Question

    Dear Dr. Beth, I know I am depressed and have been for a long time, but I’m actually too depressed to get out of bed or even make a phone call to make myself get in touch with a doctor or counselor. I can barely even get myself to write this email. I hardly eat at all or shower or do any of the no…Read More

  5. Bipolar Illness – How to diagnose_Question

    Dr. Beth, I have a problem and people keep telling me that it is bigger than I think it is.  I have lost several jobs over the years, usually due to blowing up at my boss or a coworker. I tend to get angry and irritated easily at everyone from family members to complete strangers in grocery stores …Read More

  6. Depression – two different types_Answer

    You are asking an excellent question.  There are, in fact, two overall categories of depression:  situational depression and biologically-based depression. A person may experience one or both of these and sometimes a combination of these two types. This classification system refers to the origin o…Read More

  7. Depression – two different types_Question

    Dr. Beth, I’ve heard that there are two types of depression, situational depression and biological depression.  I don’t really understand the difference. How do you know if you have one type of depression or the other?…Read More