1. Dr. Beth Firestein Helps Aging Adults Cope

    As we get older it gets harder for people to identify their feelings about  issues associated with aging. Some of these issues are physical, due to illness or decreasing strength and ability, others are psychological and emotional.  Often deaths of  friends, siblings or spouses make it harder to …Read More

  2. Trauma Recovery Offered By Dr. Beth Firestein In Loveland, CO.

    If you are looking for a skilled professional therapist to help you recover from trauma recovery turn to Dr. Beth Firestein for assistance. If you are an individual who has gone through a traumatizing experience like  injuries, accidents, physical, emotional and sexual abuse, sexual assault, the su…Read More

  3. Holiday Depression- Dr. Beth Firestein Can Help

    The hype is over, now what? Are you feeling down after the Holiday season? Whatever the case may be, your relatives have come and gone, you are frustrated with money issues, or just feel out of sorts, give Dr. Beth Firestein a call. She is an experienced psychotherapist in Loveland, Colorado, who de…Read More

  4. Northern Colorado Qualified Psychotherapist

    Are you looking for a highly qualified affordable psychotherapist in Northern Colorado? Dr. Beth Firestein is one of the most seeked therapists in Colorado. She helps treat a wide variety of patients such as: substance abuse patients, depression, bipolar disorders, marriage counseling, post partum, …Read More

  5. Therapy Helps Individuals With Low Self-Esteem

    Self-esteem is a person’s inner sense of worth that enables them to have the resilience and resistance to personal attacks or criticism.  Professional psychotherapy is a very important resource for people who have low self-esteem. Dr Beth Firestein has been in this business for over 25 years, she…Read More

  6. Postpartum Depression Victims Trust Dr. Beth Firestein

    Postpartum depression (PPD), also called postnatal depression, is a form of clinical depression which can affect women after childbirth. Postpartum depression occurs in women after they have carried a child, usually in the first few months, and may last up to several months or even a year. Symptoms …Read More

  7. Womens Psychotherapy -Dr Firestein

    I (Dr. Firestein) have  concentrated a great deal of my professional attention on understanding women’s concerns at many different life stages. Women are an incredibly diverse group. Some embrace traditional definitions of womanhood while others redefine what it means to be a woman in radical wa…Read More

  8. Dr. Finestein Helps With Psychotherapy Issues

    Sometimes we need a little help in life.  Dr. Firestein can help you through it. Depression Relationship problems Anxiety and Panic Disorders Life Transitions (e.g. career transitions, divorce, relocation) Sexuality Blocked Creativity Healing from Trauma Grief and Loss Bipolar illness Aging and Car…Read More

  9. Dr. Firestein Psychologist-Private Practice

    Dr. Beth Firestein is a licensed psychologist in private practice in Loveland, Colorado. She has 25 years of experience in counseling individuals, couples, partners, and families. Dr. Firestein looks at the needs of the "whole person" within the context of their individual life, helping each person …Read More