1. Dr. Firestein – Professional Therapists Of Northern Colorado

    Looking for a professional therapists? Look to Dr. Firestein! Her services include: counseling, individual therapy,  couple counseling, groups, educational presentations, and other specialty services. For more information, schedule an appointment or read some of her articles; visit her at www.bet…Read More

  2. Contact Dr. Beth Firestien For Northern Colorado Child Therapy

    If a child is in need of therapy, Dr. Beth Firestien, of Northern Colorado has the experience and trust you need!  Therapy offers children the opportunity to identify, discuss and understand problems and to develop necessary coping skills. Dr. Firestien also offers the much needed education for p…Read More

  3. You CAN Beat Depression!

    Sometimes it just feels like no one gets it. You just sink deeper and deeper, wondering if anyone would even notice if you were gone. The important thing to remember is that you aren't alone and someone does care wholeheartedly. One person especially has the knowledge to help you pull through what…Read More

  4. Every Couple has a Chance

    In the moment, day, week, year, it may feel like it's just not going to work out between you and your partner. Don't give up! Every couple has a chance! Inner Source is a Loveland, Fort Collins, Greeley counseling center run by Dr. Beth Firestein. Her knowledge and experience will challenge…Read More

  5. You’re not alone

    When you are fighting depression, one thing you don't want to do is talk to someone about it. In reality its one of the most important things you should do. Dr. Beth Firestein will help you get past this time in your life. Whether your depression stems from family issues, relationship strains, or ma…Read More

  6. Happily ever after therapy

    One of the number one reasons people go to therapy is for help with their relationships; couple therapy. Dr. Firestein of Inner Source has emotionally focused couple therapy that focuses on issues such as but not limited to: Life Transitions (e.g. birth of a child, relocation, job loss); Unreso…Read More

  7. Helping with all Your Concerns

    Dr. Beth Firestein of Inner Source assists clients with a broad range of mental concerns. These include but are not limited to: Depression Relationship problems Anxiety and Panic Disorders Life Transitions (e.g. career transitions, divorce, relocation) Sexuality Blocked Creativity Healing from Traum…Read More

  8. Inner Source Psychotherapy and Consultation Services

    Dr. Beth Firestein is a licensed psychologist in Loveland Colorado that has been working with and helping people for over 25 years. She looks at the “whole person” and helps them achieve wellness and balance in their individual lives. If you are facing a life change and need some help, contact D…Read More

  9. Uncommon Sense

    Dr. Beth Firestein writes an column within the Loveland Reporter Herald/Health Line of Northern Colorado. She offers her expertise in kind and helpful words that answers questions that pray on individuals minds. These fabulously named writings offer insight and help in an unhelpful world. Visit Inne…Read More

  10. Consultation to Provide Respectful and Powerful Teams

    Dr. Beth Firestein provides a variety of consultations. These include workshops, educational programs and presentations on a wide range of mental health topics, group facilitations and consultations. She works with groups, individuals and organizations to create smooth and respectful ways to working…Read More