1. Being laid off – How to handle_Question

    Question: Dr. Firestein, my husband has been out of work for over 9 months after being laid off from his job. He has been looking non-stop but still hasn’t found a new job.  In the past few months, he seems to be spending more and more time looking at “get rich quick” sales schemes and multi-…Read More

  2. Sexuality in a relationship_Answer

    It sounds like you have a great passion for your girlfriend and that you miss her quite a bit when you can’t spend time together.  Physical intimacy, whether affectionate or sexual, is a natural part of our love relationships. Of course, physical intimacy is only one of many forms of intimacy. We…Read More

  3. Sexuality in a relationship_Question

    Dear Dr. Beth: Lately, I haven’t been able to spend as much time with my girlfriend as I want to. When I think of her--which is all the time--my mind wanders to intimacy. I’m worried that she might start to think that I only want her for her body, but my feeling is that making love to her and pl…Read More

  4. Spice up the romance_Answer

    Even the happiest of and healthiest of marriages can go through the doldrums. It is part of sharing everyday life with another person over a long period of time.  The stresses of life, health, money, children, and grandchildren as well as larger world issues impinge on our happiness at times.  I d…Read More

  5. Spice up the romance_Question

    Hi Dr. Beth, My wife and I have been married for 33 years. We both love and respect each other greatly, but I feel like the marriage is stuck in a rut. What are some ways to spice things up a little and bring back the romance?…Read More

  6. Plantonic Relationship between genders – Does it work_Answer

    It is definitely possible for a man and a woman to have a truly platonic friendship. Frequently, we come into a new romantic relationship having a group of friends who are already a part of our lives. Some of these people may be relatively new friends and others may have been friends of ours since m…Read More

  7. Platonic Relationship between genders – Does it work_Question

    Dear Dr. Beth: My girlfriend says there is no way that a male and female can ever have a 100 percent platonic relationship. She says there is almost always one friend who likes the other as more than a friend -- even if the person with romantic feelings doesn't outwardly express it. I disagree. …Read More

  8. Romantic Relationship – When to move on_Question

    Dr. Firestein, What are some signs of when it is time to move on from a long-term romantic relationship?  I have been dating my boyfriend for seven years and we have been living together for a lot of that time.  Over the past year and a half, we hardly ever spend time together. We never spend time…Read More

  9. Communication in relationships_Question

    Dr. Firestein, I have been in several relationships in my adult life, including one marriage and several other long-term relationships. Communication has always seemed to be a problem in my relationships. I used to think it was the other person’s fault, but now I’m involved with a woman that is …Read More

  10. Guilt_Question

    Dear Dr. Beth, Guilt runs my life and I hate it!  I feel guilty if my neighbor invites me to a neighborhood gathering and I don’t want to go. I feel guilty when my child gets a bad grade because it means I’m not a good mother. I feel guilty if someone gives me a present at the holidays and I ha…Read More