1. Money Issues_Answer

    I’m guessing that you have a lot of people in your boat and their boat is weighed down just as much as yours.  Even for those who haven’t lost jobs or had major cuts in income, the fear and stress of that possibility are there. Just ask them. There are three issues that intertwine with your dil…Read More

  2. Money Issues_Question

    Question:    Money is a big issue in our family these days. In the past, we used to buy gifts for immediate family members, close friends and even a few neighbors and the postman that brings our mail.  Now that our income has been cut in half due to layoffs and payments on credit card debt, we c…Read More

  3. Sibling Conflict_Answer

    Holidays seem to bring up a lot of feelings about our relationships, especially our relationships with members of our family.  Joys, losses and unresolved conflicts all float into our minds. It seems like this is definitely happening for you.  It is surprisingly common for family members to become…Read More

  4. Thanksgiving with the family_Answer

    It sounds like you have a loving but difficult relationship with your family.  You will probably need to make a choice this year between spending the holiday with your family or with your boyfriend’s family due to the distance between the households. Of course, there is also the option of having …Read More

  5. Being laid off – How to handle_Answer

    You should be concerned. While there is such a thing as legal Multi-Level Marketing businesses (MLMs), the vast majority are legally questionable pyramid or Ponzi type schemes.  Originally, such businesses came into being to distribute goods and products in rural or remote areas where distribution …Read More

  6. Gambling – Hobby or Addiction_Question

    I love playing cards and gambling. This week, my husband approached me to ask if I am developing an addiction. He noticed that our budget was a little over last month, and he was wondering if I had gambled the money away. I got really defensive, but now I feel sick inside. I am the one who spent to…Read More

  7. Alone on Valentine’s Day – How to start dating_Answer

    Well that is the $64,000 dollar question. We have control over lots of aspects of our lives, but love doesn’t seem to be one of them. Valentine’s Day just happens to be a day that is symbolic of romantic love to many people. In real life, most Valentine’s Days don’t live up to people’s exp…Read More

  8. Busy Life – How to find balance_Answer

    You must be an accountant or a tax preparer.  Everyone I know in those professions routinely have lives that spin out of control from January through April 15th, but whether that is or isn’t your profession, your question applies to almost everyone at some season in their lives. There are several…Read More

  9. Career Goals_Question

    Question: I am in my early 30s and feel like I'm in a rut in my professional life. I have a pretty fun job, but it doesn't pay well and there isn't much room for growth. I know that if I stay with this job I won't be able to achieve my long term goals in life -- having a family and being able to a…Read More

  10. How to break up with a friend_Question

    Dr. Firestein, How do I "break up" with a friend? I've known this person through work for quite awhile, and although I like her well enough, I don't want to hang out outside of work. I'm tired of coming up with excuses or giving her blunt rejections over and over again. I don't want to hurt her feel…Read More