1. How to support a gay child_Question

    Dear Dr. Beth, My husband and I have two children, a girl 14 and a boy 16.  They are terrific children. They are both above average students, involved in school athletics and a few other activities.  Basically, we have no complaints. We love our children.   A couple of weeks ago our son told us …Read More

  2. Disability Support Groups_Answer

    You are certainly not alone in feeling lost due to struggling with a hidden disability. We think of disabilities as belonging to those born with birth defects and old people.  I work with a number of people with disabilities and can say without hesitation individuals with disabilities come in all a…Read More

  3. Bisexual or gay son – How to start the conversation_Answer

    It definitely sounds like your son wants to have a conversation with you.  There will probably be several parts to the conversation.  So, to address one of your questions: is your son gay? The answer to this is probably yes—and no.  You have to understand what it means to be gay and also unders…Read More

  4. Bisexual or gay son – How to start the conversation_Question

    Dr. Beth,   I have a son who is a sophomore in college. He dated several girls in high school, only one girl seriously that he dated for about a year.  In college, he has some really good guy friends and other girls as friends too. Last week, he wrote me an email and said he has figured out that …Read More

  5. Being gay – how do you know_Answer

    Life in high school can be very challenging and coming out as gay is not an easy thing to do in high school--or really at any time in your life.  Fortunately, this is an area where attitudes have been improving toward gay people for some time. This doesn't mean that everyone in school or in your li…Read More

  6. Being Gay – how do you know_Question

    Dear Dr. Beth, I'm writing because I need to talk to someone and I don't want to talk to my parents or my friends.  I am in high school and I am afraid I might be gay.  The idea of it scares me yet I really do know on the inside that this is who I am.  I don't know who I can talk to or what to do…Read More

  7. Differences in showing love_Answer

    Your question gets to the heart of the way that many couples who love each other end up fighting for what feels like no reason.  Partners love each other but keep missing the boat when it comes to giving and receiving love in ways that really seem to matter their partner.  You are doing the right …Read More

  8. Different Parenting Styles in a Patchwork Family Situation_Answer

    You sound  like two independent women who have each been living on your own for some time. Naturally, there will be adjustment issues around blending your households and combining pets in a household is certainly a common challenge. You are off to a great start by simply knowing that your dogs are …Read More