1. Career Goals_Question

    Question: I am in my early 30s and feel like I'm in a rut in my professional life. I have a pretty fun job, but it doesn't pay well and there isn't much room for growth. I know that if I stay with this job I won't be able to achieve my long term goals in life -- having a family and being able to a…Read More

  2. Sexual Abuse in the family – How to handle it_Answer

    Families exist along a broad range of healthiness and unhealthiness. Some people are fortunate to come from families where the parents have a healthy (but not necessarily perfect!) relationship and raise their children with a strong sense of safety and of their own value as people. Some families hav…Read More

  3. Valentine’s Day – How to survive as a Single_Answer

    Basically, you as having two major options for dealing with this sometimes obnoxious holiday.  You can ignore it or you can redefine it to make it an occasion more to your liking.  Number one is a little hard to pull off, but really not all that difficult.  Don’t watch television, avoid romanti…Read More

  4. How to get information about Medicare_Answer

    While I am not an insurance expert, I am a participating provider for Medicare and a large portion of my psychotherapy practice involves providing care for individuals with Medicare benefits. I can offer you some basic information and provide you with leads to resources that can offer you accurate a…Read More

  5. Life Transitions_Answer

    We all know that our sense of identity and our priorities shift as we move through various life stages.  Some of these transitions are fairly gradual and we just live our way into the next stage of life with minimal muss and fuss.  Other transitions are rapid, even precipitous. Going through puber…Read More

  6. Life Transitions_Question

    Dr. Beth, I am confused by some of the changes I am going through. I turned 50 last November and ever since then I feel somehow ungrounded, like I don’t know who I am or what my priorities are. They seem to be shifting dramatically. I used to be focused on being a parent and wanting to achieve a l…Read More

  7. How to find a therapist_Answer

    This is a great question.  Fortunately, it is not difficult to find qualified and skilled therapists these days in Northern Colorado. There are a number of ways that people go about it.  In my practice I have noticed that people find me in three major ways: referral by a friend or family member wh…Read More

  8. How to find a therapist_Question

    Dr. Beth, I am the having some problems in my life and they have been going on for a couple of years. Recently they seem to be getting worse. I’m not against getting help but how do I go about finding a therapist?…Read More

  9. Couples Counseling

    Problems within personal relationships are probably the number one issue bringing people into therapy and Dr. Beth Firestein offers a balanced and non-blaming perspective of these problems. She then will offer an analysis of the problems with possible solutions. She works with the couple to find sol…Read More