1. Mother Daughter Relationship_Answer

    Some people are blessed with a very compatible relationship with one or both of their parents, but most people struggle with those relationships to one degree or another. You mention several important elements affecting your relationship with your mother. These include her history as a single Mom wh…Read More

  2. How to break up with friend_Answer

    This can certainly be a tricky situation to handle.  Friendships of any kind have their own rhythms and life cycles. We make friends (if we are lucky) and those friendships develop and grow or perhaps never quite take off. Some friendships last a few months or years and then fade into the backgroun…Read More

  3. Deception – A dangerous tool_Answer

    Critics of the show “Deception” have expressed concern that magic tricks are being presented as “science” and as though they are the same things as clinical hypnosis. There is no need to be afraid. While many programs on the Discovery channel are completely scientific, this program is amazin…Read More

  4. Deception – A dangerous tool_Question

    Dr. Beth, Recently, my kids have been watching a show called "Deception". This show depicts a hypnotist who says that he can place hypnotic suggestions on unsuspecting people to get them to act in ways he wants them to act. This has made me concerned about using meditation or hypnosis CDs, even thou…Read More

  5. Guilt – How to free yourself_Answer

    As women, guilt seems to run our lives.  If there is one issue that every woman in my practice seems to struggle with, it is guilt. There are two kinds of guilt: One is rational guilt—you feel guilty because you hurt someone’s feelings or yelled at your children or forgot an appointment at the …Read More

  6. Life Changes – How they affect you_Answer

    It sounds like nothing major has changed in your life. You still live near family and friends, you work, and you are a kind and generous person with your time and skills. It doesn’t sound like your life responsibilities have increased, yet you are feeling hurried and irritable. Ironically, your ex…Read More

  7. Personality Changes – What to do_Question

    Dear Dr. Beth, I’m a 28 year old guy and I live in a nearby small town where I work full-time. I have lots of family and friends nearby. I used to be a happy person and liked everyone. Now, it seems like I’m irritable and resentful toward my friends and family. I still care about them—in fact,…Read More

  8. Listening to others – Are you ready_Answer

    Thanks for asking such an interesting question. Other people can be tremendous resources when we are struggling with life situations and personal challenges. Every person has a different knowledge base, a different set of experiences and a different perspective. Many times these fresh viewpoints are…Read More

  9. Sexual Abuse in the family – How to handle it_Answer

    Families exist along a broad range of healthiness and unhealthiness. Some people are fortunate to come from families where the parents have a healthy (but not necessarily perfect!) relationship and raise their children with a strong sense of safety and of their own value as people. Some families hav…Read More

  10. Valentine’s Day – How to survive as a Single_Answer

    Basically, you as having two major options for dealing with this sometimes obnoxious holiday.  You can ignore it or you can redefine it to make it an occasion more to your liking.  Number one is a little hard to pull off, but really not all that difficult.  Don’t watch television, avoid romanti…Read More