1. Psychological Challenges the LGBTQIA Community Faces

    In today’s day and age, it’s unfortunate that we have not made more strides when it comes to inclusivity and destigmatizing sexuality and gender identity. Because of the stigmas that still surround the LGBTQIA community, people within this group face higher rates of mental health issues such as …Read More

  2. The Benefits of Counseling for Everyday People

    We all have issues. You don’t go through life without bumps, scrapes, and falls. And whether we admit it or not, we all could use a little bit of professional counseling help that only a psychotherapist can render. Dr. Beth Firestein, owner of Inner Health Psychotherapy and Consultation Services, …Read More

  3. Grief Therapy: When and How to Grieve

    There is no answer to when and how to grieve. And, there is no black and white answer to whether or not you need grief therapy. If you are struggling with a loss and think that you may need help coping or living a healthy productive life after your loss, you may want to consider counselling. We can …Read More

  4. Common Myths About Grief

    Grief affects everyone at some point or another, so it’s important to know what to expect and how to cope through this difficult time. However, there are many rumors and myths circulating about grief and grief therapy. We at Inner Source in Loveland are here to present you with the truth. MYTH: Gr…Read More

  5. Signs You May Have Depression

    We all would like to believe that we have it all together. After all, you are a strong individual who is used to navigating through the curves that life has thrown at you. While you may be able to handle some of life’s difficulties, it is important to be able to say that you need help sometimes. D…Read More

  6. Transsexual Sibling_Question

    Dear Dr. Beth: I have a weird question and I hope you can help me with it.  I am a 39 year old man in the Loveland area and we have a very close family. I am very close to my brothers and sisters. I was shocked on a recent visit when my brother, who is 45, told us that he is transsexual and has bee…Read More

  7. How to break up with friend_Answer

    This can certainly be a tricky situation to handle.  Friendships of any kind have their own rhythms and life cycles. We make friends (if we are lucky) and those friendships develop and grow or perhaps never quite take off. Some friendships last a few months or years and then fade into the backgroun…Read More

  8. Deception – A dangerous tool_Question

    Dr. Beth, Recently, my kids have been watching a show called "Deception". This show depicts a hypnotist who says that he can place hypnotic suggestions on unsuspecting people to get them to act in ways he wants them to act. This has made me concerned about using meditation or hypnosis CDs, even thou…Read More

  9. Valentine’s Day – How to survive as a Single_Answer

    Basically, you as having two major options for dealing with this sometimes obnoxious holiday.  You can ignore it or you can redefine it to make it an occasion more to your liking.  Number one is a little hard to pull off, but really not all that difficult.  Don’t watch television, avoid romanti…Read More

  10. How to get information about Medicare_Answer

    While I am not an insurance expert, I am a participating provider for Medicare and a large portion of my psychotherapy practice involves providing care for individuals with Medicare benefits. I can offer you some basic information and provide you with leads to resources that can offer you accurate a…Read More