1. The Benefits of Counseling for Everyday People

    We all have issues. You don’t go through life without bumps, scrapes, and falls. And whether we admit it or not, we all could use a little bit of professional counseling help that only a psychotherapist can render. Dr. Beth Firestein, owner of Inner Health Psychotherapy and Consultation Services, …Read More

  2. Signs You May Have Depression

    We all would like to believe that we have it all together. After all, you are a strong individual who is used to navigating through the curves that life has thrown at you. While you may be able to handle some of life’s difficulties, it is important to be able to say that you need help sometimes. D…Read More

  3. Career Goals_Answer

    Fortunately, you are not running out of time. In terms of life stages you are actually right about on target for when young professionals start to feel ready to take on new challenges and new positions to earn more money and realize important life goals. We live in a time when career counseling and …Read More

  4. Mother Daughter Relationship_Answer

    Some people are blessed with a very compatible relationship with one or both of their parents, but most people struggle with those relationships to one degree or another. You mention several important elements affecting your relationship with your mother. These include her history as a single Mom wh…Read More

  5. How To Be A Good Listener

    Spouses, friends, and all of the other significant connections in our lives do so much for us, and it’s important that we don’t take them for granted. We rely on our friends and family when we need to be cheered up, and to give us the confidence and the courage we need to believe in ourselves. B…Read More

  6. Communication in Relationships_Answer

    This is often a problem in male-female relationships. Both men and women are capable of being really good communicators or poor communicators. However, women tend to be more verbal than men and have an easier time talking about personal issues, feelings, and relationship issues, leaving guys feeling…Read More

  7. Making better financial decision – How to change_Question

    Dr. Firestein, My partner has a problem with buying from every sales person that calls. She also tends to trade work for money owed her and gets into trouble every time with lack of quality work. What can I do to help her save money and make better decisions? I don't want to try and change her.…Read More

  8. Living by yourself – What to expect_Answer

    When a mature woman chooses to live life on her own, there are a tremendous number of challenges and rewards associated with this decision. Some of these challenges are expectable and anticipated; others are entirely unexpected and may be either negative or positive. Most women who choose to live on…Read More

  9. Listening to others – Are you ready_Answer

    Thanks for asking such an interesting question. Other people can be tremendous resources when we are struggling with life situations and personal challenges. Every person has a different knowledge base, a different set of experiences and a different perspective. Many times these fresh viewpoints are…Read More