1. Alcoholism_Answer

    It sounds like your Dad may be an alcoholic and that your Mom really doesn’t know what to do about it. Alcoholism is a disease that affects the mind, body and spirit of the alcoholic. Alcoholics are not “bad” people. In fact, many people suffering from the disease of alcoholism are really good…Read More

  2. Alcoholism_Question

    Question:   I am in high school and I live at home. I have a younger brother in middle school and a younger sister in 6th grade. My problem is that my Dad drinks all the time and my Mom doesn’t do anything about it. I love my Dad, but when he is drinking he yells and acts like an idiot. Sometime…Read More

  3. Smoking – End the addiction_Answer

    You are certainly correct in everything you have said about the changes in societal attitudes and regulations about smoking. It has indeed become more and more expensive and inconvenient to smoke and much legislation has been enacted to warn people of the dangers of smoking and encourage them to qui…Read More

  4. Smoking – End the addiction_Question

    Dr. Beth, I am a smoker and as you know smoking is more and more unacceptable in our society. Smokers pay extra taxes on cigarettes, ads bombard us with scare tactics, and I am more restricted in the places that I can smoke than ever before. I am also getting a lot of pressure from my husband and ki…Read More

  5. Holiday Time – How to overcome bad experiences_Question

    Dr. Beth, I know holidays are supposed to be fun and special times but I absolutely hate holidays.  I came from a family where Dad was drunk every Thanksgiving and Christmas and my mother screamed at him non-stop.  Aunts and uncles also drank themselves into a stupor and stupid fights would erupt …Read More

  6. Raising Teenagers – Concerns about drugs_Answer

    The issue of whether to legalize marijuana has been a topic of intense debate for our states and our nation for decades now.  Until recently, the majority of citizens in our state and other states have been vehemently opposed to the legalization of pot.  Gradually over time the demographics of the…Read More

  7. Raising Teenagers – Concerns about drugs_Question

    Dear Dr. Beth, I am the parent of 2 young teenagers who attend middle school in the area.  I am very concerned about the new law that legalizes pot smoking.  I have tried to steer my kids away from drugs and now it feels like our state is giving kids the message that smoking pot is OK and even “…Read More

  8. Alcohol and Drug Abuse in adult children_Answer

    It sounds like your daughter has moved from use to abuse to addiction over the past 10 or 15 years.  Alcoholism and addiction are powerful beasts.  They take over a person’s life and eventually can destroy a person’s health and even eclipse a lot of their original good character and personalit…Read More

  9. Alcohol and Drug Abuse in grown children_Question

    Dr. Beth, We have a 33 year old daughter who has been using alcohol and drugs since her middle teens.  Her experimentation with drugs and alcohol turned into regular use and started causing her legal and financial problems. And for the last five years, it seems like she has moved into full-blown al…Read More