Here are a few guidelines that will help make our group experience more rewarding and enjoyable.
1) Please keep what is said in this group confidential. It’s OK to talk about your own experience with friends and family you are close to, but do not share personal information discussed by other members of the group.
2) Sometimes we will have a lot of people at our meetings and sometimes we may have fewer people. Please keep the size of the group in mind as you share. Allow time for those who are quieter to express their thoughts too and try to be sensitive so that no one or two people dominate the group conversation.
3) Please have respect for personal differences in identity and lifestyle. Our group is diverse. Naturally, we will have many things in common and we will also have ways in which our lives and identities are unique. Please be aware that our group includes members who are diverse with respect to age, cultural background, sexual orientation, religion, spirituality, and financial resources.
4) There is a great opportunity to learn from those who may be different from us as well as those who are similar to us. Keeping an open mind and mutual respect are the key to creating a safe group environment for everyone.

Please feel free to add your thoughts and ideas as to how we can make this group safe, welcoming, fun and constructive.