As we come back together after a summer of living our own lives, it seems like a good time to reflect on the purpose of our Wise Women support group and how this kind of group can enhance our lives. Most people struggle with a sense of belonging, of fitting in with a group or community. As we older, this longing sometimes becomes even more powerful.
We move. We break up with a partner, get divorced or become widowed. We lose people important to us through death or relationship alienation. We sometimes have painful conflicts with certain friends or family members. As we struggle with issues of aging, health, and aloneness, we often search for friendships and a sense of being part of a community of people with whom we have something in common.
This group is intended to provide one such opportunity for connection and belonging. The group is meant to be a welcoming place for women of many ages and varied life experiences to come together and find warmth, open discussion, and support for moving along on our individual life journey. Here are a few questions for us to consider and discuss:
• What is it that you are seeking and hoping for by attending this group?

• If you were writing the mission statement or intention for this group, what would it be?

• In addition to what you might receive here, what do you feel you might be able to offer to the other women in the group?

• Do you have a sense of personal community (or communities)? If you do, how might these wise women expand that sense of community? If you don’t feel you have enough support in your life, how might the group help you to build or strengthen your support system?

• What topics would you like to discuss in the group this year?