The beginning of a new calendar year is traditionally a time for us to reflect on where we have been and where we want to go.  For some people, this process is a big and significant time of clarification, setting new directions or recommitting to our most important projects and priorities.  For others, it may just be another day on the calendar.

Regardless of the personal significance you do or don’t place on the rotation of the planet into a new human-constructed calendar year, there is always a value in the notion of fresh starts. Our enthusiasm for our personal and professional projects can diminish over time due to repetitiveness, obstacles, or demoralizing circumstances.  Starting fresh is a core concept and can be an effective approach to re-energizing ourselves toward our personal and life goals.

The New Year may also signal a shift in priorities or a movement from former directions to new directions. A project may be brought to closure, creating space for rest or fertile ground for the initiation of a new project. Worn out activities and goals can be replaced with fresh goals and new activities. A year filled with losses may be psychologically replaced with the sense of a new year and new possibilities for love or health.

Let’s discuss a few ideas about fresh starts.

  • What in your life do you feel has become stale or in need of renewal?
  • Do you look at the new calendar year as an opportunity for reflection and establishing new directions, goals or intentions?
  • What relationships and activities would you like to continue? Are there any you would like to change?
  • Are there any “fresh starts” on your horizon and if so, what are they?
  • What does the notion of a fresh start mean to you?