Food for Thought
Listening to Our Inner Voice

The idea that we have an “inner voice” worth listening to has taken many forms over the centuries. Some think our inner voice opens our ears to the messages offered to us by God, others experience their inner voice as a form of intuition, and yet others experience this voice as coming from the Sage, Wise Women, or Wise Elder within. There are common elements that seem core to the many ways we think about our inner voice.

Women often experience their inner voice as a source of guidance, a beacon of light amid dark and chaotic situations, and a trustworthy source of wisdom. We may perceive this voice as emanating from deep within or as an external yet ethereal source of wisdom that we can tap into for help and guidance. Some people refer to this voice as their gut feeling. Women may experience the inner voice as something they access through meditation, yoga, prayer, and other spiritual practices.

Many women feel that they have a greater connection with their inner voice as they age. As some of the hecticness, and non-stop energy of youth gradually calms down there becomes room for occasional stillness and the richness of our inner process. Our inner voice can emerge more easily and becomes more accessible. This voice tells us when we are safe and when we are in danger, what choice might be the most fruitful in situations where several choices. We can tune in to which people we meet we want to get to know better and those with whom we don’t wish to associate. Sometimes we only recognize the wisdom of our inner voice after situations and relationships unfold in a positive or negative direction. Seeing our inner voice at work, even in retrospect, gives us the ability to attend to that wise voice within more readily in the future.

Questions to Consider:
1) How would you describe your inner voice, its origin, its aspects?
2) Have you experienced connecting with your inner voice in a clear, meaningful way?
3) What kinds of guidance, creative solutions, or spiritual wisdom have you received from your inner voice? Is your inner voice always right or sometimes wrong?
4) How do you distinguish between the voice of inner wisdom and other voices that also speak to you from within?
5) Please share an experience in which your inner voice played a role in a decision you made and how following or failing to follow that guidance played out.
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