Life is full of opportunities, possibilities, and limitations. We tend to think of youth as a time of opportunity and feel as though we have limitless horizons. As we age, we encounter more and more limitations. Some of these limitations relate to time, others to physical ability, cognitive functioning, energy, emotional “bandwidth”, psychological issues and life circumstances.
We tend to forget that we also had limitations when we were young. As children, we couldn’t drive or vote and we were generally stuck with our families, for better or for worse. Up to the age of 18, we were required to attend school, whether we wanted to or not and most of us had to live with a number of rules about our home responsibilities and social activities laid down by our parents. As young adults, we often lack the education and training to do what we want to do for our livelihood and frequently lack the money to fulfill our desires to buy things we want or travel or pay for further education.
When we have a life partner, husband, and/or children, we definitely have lots of limitations on our time, energy, and resources! Having limitations is a part of life, but when we are young we look forward to having fewer limitations. As most of us have discovered, we find that we have more and more limitations and disabilities as we age. There are also some ways in which we are free from limitations that we had to carry as “responsible adults.” We can find things to enjoy and fulfill us that take this into account. Acceptance and openness to new ways of being fulfilled are keys to making this time of life feel less restrictive and more rewarding.
1) What is the difference between having limits and having limitations?
2) What limitations that have become a part of your life as you have gotten older?
3) How do you work with your own limitations? Do you fight them, accept them, or give up on things? Do you let others help you with things you can no longer do yourself?
4) Are there any positive things you can think of about having limits or limitations?