Life is relentless.  There is an endless number of things requiring our attention. Our lives sometimes feel like infinite To Do Lists containing an ever-growing number of tasks to take care of.  Type A people are people who seem to thrive on checking things off of these lists and perhaps they do—at least until they hit the wall.  Type B people take things a bit more lightly—the list may be just as long for them, but Type B folks choose not to sweat the small stuff.  Sometimes things get handled, sometimes they may not, but Type B people put a premium on less stress and a more easy-going attitude about life and all the things that need to be done. Some studies suggest that people with Type B personalities suffer fewer stress-related and cardiac problems than those with Type A personalities.


However, the literature also suggests that we do not have to be stuck forever in the personality style that may have dominated our lives until now.  Type B personalities can achieve more by increasing their focus on goal-setting while Type A personalities can learn to relax and experience life in a less competitive, stressful, achievement-oriented way.  People with either personality style can learn to improve in their ability to rejuvenate and care for themselves in enjoyable and healthful ways.


Taking the time and space that we need to refresh our minds, bodies, and spirits is not wasted time.  No matter how much there is to do, there will always be more to do.  If we wait to relax until everything on our To Do List is done, we will probably never relax and may die from stress with an unfinished to-do list trailing behind us.  As we become older, we can’t afford NOT to relax and refresh our bodies, hearts, and minds.


What refreshes each of us may be quite individual, but there are themes we can identify across individuals that give us clues about what might work for us.  The themes I notice repeatedly in women’s sharing are that refreshment often takes one of several forms:  physical relaxation, physical activity, and touch; laughter and time spent with good friends, time in nature, and the pursuit of intellectual, emotional and spiritual passions. Let’s take some time to reflect on ways that we can refresh and rejuvenate our minds, bodies, and spirits.


  • What personality style have you identified within your younger life? Has this changed as you have become older and if so, do you like the change?
  • What has worked well in your life to facilitate your healing, personal growth and helped you to refresh your mind, body, or spirit?
  • What experiences, activities, and types of events provide you with the most soul-enhancing rejuvenation? Have you been successful in working these into your present life?
  • What attitudes, experiences, and behaviors have you noticed in others who seem successful in living lives characterized by rejuvenation, joy, and passion? Are there traits or practices that you would like to learn or adopt in your own journey toward balance and serenity?